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Exhibitors list Eindhoven 9 &10 September 2016

4everyware Stocklots B.V.

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)13 – 581 09 56
Fax: +31 (0)13 – 581 09 58
E-Mail: info@4everyware.nl

4Everyware Stocklots B.V. is an international importer and exporter of clearance stock. We have a rock-solid reputation built on more than 10 years of experience operating in the global market.
4Everyware Stocklots B.V. has established itself as a reliable and strong partner for customers and suppliers alike. At 4Everyware Stocklots B.V. we are dedicated to buying and selling professionally and efficiently, with a view to intensive long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.


ADD Trading Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 (0)845 257 1111
E-Mail: info@addtrading.co.uk

ADD Trading Ltd is a distributor of closeout Branded & Licensed Games, Stationery and Pocket Money Toys. We also have our own range of Craft toys under the name I-CREATE , focusing on Dough, modeling clay and children’s putty, offering competitive pricing and exciting products. Trade Fair visitors will be surprised by the great variety of products at highly competitive prices.


Aktiv Handelsgesellschaft GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +49 404 373 50
E-Mail: service@aktivhandel.de

We are founded in 1992, we are wholesaler in Hamburg and have more than 1,000 New Year’s fireworks and party articles of all leading manufacturers.
Additional we offer interesting stocklots.


All Sales Trade House

Contact information:
Tel: +31 (0)251 23 86 73
E-Mail: info@asth.nl

All Sales Trade House is a wholesale company, based in The Netherlands, that specializes in make-up, scents, and much more. Having experience of over 25 years in this industry, we know what is happening in the world of colours and scents. We are always looking for the latest trends in make-up and nail area. Due to the tight relationships we have with our producers and consumers, we are always able to respond quickly to market developments.

We have a large assortment of regular products, as well as stock lots. At All Sales Trade House you are at the right address for small or large stocks, and A or B brands. Products are being delivered right from our own stock, so they are available for delivery at any time.

Off course you are always welcome in our showroom/warehouse to see the product and directly take the products with you.

Besides that we are distributor for several brands: W7, La Femme, Saffron, Royal Cosmetics, Creation L’Amis, Paris Memories, and many more.


Amazing Beauty Brands

Contact information:
E-Mail: info@amazing-brands.com

Showing off isn’t our thing. It has to be said, though, that we are one of the largest private label companies in the Netherlands in the area of decorative cosmetics. We have also been a major player for several years in other areas of cosmetics.
Amazing Beauty Brands develops successful new products and sets on behalf of its clients, who range from established cosmetics companies, well-known chains of pharmacies and chemists, fashion brands and retail chains. We believe that this success is based on combining your knowledge of your own brand with our experience in cosmetics. And so we take a pro-active and enthusiastic collaborative approach at all times.


AMB Trading

Contact information
Tel: +31 64720 9361
E-Mail: info@ambtrading.nl

AMB Trading is a company specialized in the import and export of stocklots and overstocks of all kinds of textiles.


Angelique surplus

Contact information:
Tel: +31 20 625 3526 / +31 653 44 8690
E-Mail: mail@angeliquesurplus.nl

Angelique Surplus is specialized in army clothing and goods. We offer army clothing and army goods from all over the world. We only deliver to wholesalers and shopkeepers.


AVL Trading

Contact information
Tel: +31 651 216 790
E-Mail: ex@avltrading.nl

AVL Trading keeps stock for its regular articles. We also offer up-to-date information on available colors, designs and the latest production models.
In addition, we can give our clients the option to order white label or private labels versions. Exclusivity for specific products (or product lines) is possible as well.


Auperle Deco

Contact information:
Tel: +31 (0)6 45 280 492
E-Mail: auperledeco@outlook.com

Auperlé Deco is a wholesale company in polyester sculptures, wooden interior and exterior decoration items. We offer a wide range of polyester sculptures, wooden cases and wooden decoration items for the entrepreneur. We have more than 3000 sculptures and more than 200 wooden items.


Bahama Warenvertriebs GmbH

Contact information:
Tel: +49 30 688 09 730
E-Mail: sales@bahama-online.com

The Berlin-based trading company specializes in the sale of gift, household appliances and electronic products.


Baschar Trading Center

Contact information
Tel: +49 180-000000
E-Mail: info@btcgmbh.eu

BTC GmbH is one of the top addresses for inexpensive, quick and easy purchasing of branded products from various categories: import goods, consumer electronics, household / kitchen articles, tools, stocklots, B / C products as well as returned goods and bankruptcy goods.

Philips, Osram, Hoover, Tefal, Samsung, LG.


Baterie Centrum s.r.o.

Contact information
Tel: +42(0)6 052 495 00
E-Mail: macek@bateriecentrum.cz

We are company from Czech Republic. We have offices in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. We have over 20 years of cooperating with Chinese manufacturers. We have clients in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Croatia, Holland and Germany.
What we offer: batteries, special incadescent lamps, eko hallogen lamps, compact, fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs, LED torches


Baum Trading Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 161 761 2772
E-Mail: prakash@baumtrading.com

We are a Import and Exporter of Clothing menswear/ ladieswear/ Childrenswear/ nightwear/ socks/ soft accessories/ home textile/ slippers/ underwear


Berber BV

Contact information
E-Mail: gerardvandenberg@berberbv.nl

Stocklots Roller blinds

Horizontal blinds

Roman blinds



Contact information
Tel: +49 151 431 340 88
E-Mail: einkauf@bexmex.de

We are a Import and Exporter of Clothing menswear/ ladieswear/ Childrenswear/ nightwear/ socks/ soft accessories/ home textile/ slippers/ underwear


Bij de Groothandel

Contact information
Tel: +32 (0)89 61 51 25
E-Mail: info@bijdegroothandel.com

Bij De Groothandel specializes in buying and selling stocklots worldwide. Having warehouses in Belgium, Hong Kong and China, Bij De Groothandel stays innovative and flexible and guarantees the best service. They offer a wide range of household products but also specialize in big parties of toys, decoration etc. , all of them branded.  Clearance of stock? Do not hesitate to contact Bij De Groothandel!



Contact information
Tel: +49 221 962 655 75
E-Mail: info@bima-medien.de

Based in Cologne, we are specialized in the sale of books, gifts, toys, decorative items and much more.


Björnsen - Conel BV

Contact information:
Tel: +38 42 233 77
E-Mail: admin@conel.nl

Durring the past 25 years Conel BV has evolved from a wholesale clothing and men’s suits importer into a leading importer of casual and work wear under its own brands and has also developed as a producer of private labels for third parties.


Brand masters

Contact information:
Tel: +31 655 38 1663
E-Mail: erwin.verhaert@brandmasters.nu

Brand Masters is a company specialising in the development and distribution of foodstuffs, partycularly chocolate and confectionery.


Beukeboom Partijhandel

Contact information:
Tel: +31 35 5311850 / +31 653301448
E-Mail: info@beukeboom-partijenhandel.nl

We are a trading company specializing in purchase and sale of batch and complete estates, mainly from overstock, bankruptcies, debt and seizures have been for thirty years a reliable partner for trustees, banks, appraisers, manufacturers, auction and retail chains etc.


BGT bvba

Contact information
Tel: +32 3541 7000
Fax: +32 3544 8256
E-Mail: info@bgtgifts.be

As you will notice when you visit the site, we have a large choice available. An extended line of products that provides whatever your customers may wish.

We are constantly looking for innovative products in order to surprise a market that changes all the time. Our products are fabricated of different materials and are suited for different purposes.



Contact information
Tel: +31 573 450 400
E-Mail: info@bigstocklots.com

Bigstocklots.com is a young and dynamic company, part of ‘Handelsonderneming Chiel Meekes BV’. In September 2009 we moved our warehouse to Ruurlo, De Venterkamp 3 and 8. Here we had a warehouse of about 7.000 square meters. In 2015 we moved to Eibergen, De Kiefteweg 1B. We now have a warehouse of more than 11.000 square meters with a Cash And Carry of 2.000 square meters! From here we deliver to numerous customers all around the world.

Bigstocklots.com is an official stocklot dealer from the PTMD Collection.


Brennan Atkinson

Contact information
Tel: +344-161-7270720
E-mail: angelac@brennanatkinson.co.uk

Brennan Atkinson specialise in purchasing and distributing fast moving consumer merchandise for the retail sector. We buy end of line stock across all product categories. If you have excess stock and are looking to free up space in your warehouse and improve your cash flow, contact us today. Excess stock is our forté; when we buy, we make immediate decisions, offer brand protection, confidentiality and total discretion.


B-Stock Solutions

Contact information
Tel: +44 203 318 2860
E-mail: marketing@bestocksolutions.com

B-Stock Solutions is a technology provider, powering the largest network of B2B liquidation marketplaces. Our award-winning platform connects customer returns and overstock inventory from retailers and manufacturers directly to qualified business buyers through customized, private-label online auction marketplaces. Hundreds of companies, including four of the five top U.S. retailers, are using B-Stock Solutions’ data-driven platform to increase recovery rates on their excess inventory by 30-50%. B-Stock is disrupting traditional liquidation techniques by promoting a direct relationship between retailers/manufacturers and secondary-market buyers.


Bulls Trading

Contact information
Tel: +32 477 201 573
E-mail: dirk@worldofwine.be



Contact information
Tel: +31 (0) 77 465 43 12
Fax:+31 (0) 77 465 41 56
E-mail: info@cazoom.nl

Our specialty is trading from commercial batch of stock lots (restposten), warehouse cleanups, surplus stocks of small to large numbers. What started in 1990 as a small scale commercial activity has become a very large trading company which operates internationally.

We import and export goods, buying and selling stock lots in the broadest sense of the word. Since regular and irregular products we offer and buy our selection constantly changing. All the products we have in stock we can quickly provide.

Short but sweet: A reliable trading both sales and purchasing stock lots. Competitive prices and a new daily offer


Cepewa GmbH

Contact information
Tel:  +49 (0) 60 39 93 88 0 /+49 (0) 23 01 94 333 14
Fax: +49 (0) 60 39 – 93 88 – 99
E-Mail:  info@cepewa.de

Cepewa GmbH is founded in 1988 and has since been an import-wholesale focused on accessories, gifts, and decorative articles. What you can expect from Cepewa at the Eurotrade Fair: home accessories, outdoor accessories, textiles, seasonal items, trand articles and household items.



Contact information
Tel: +33 143 523 432
E-Mail: info@chamylinex.com

Wholesaler in brand toiletries and detergents. Brands : Ariel, Dove, Nivea, etc.



Contact information
E-Mail: bulut@ckm-kurzwaren.de

We are a German company specialized in haberdashery, home textiles and more. As a direct importer of major German retail chains for listing and campaigns we are a valued and experienced partner. Our wholesale division sells branded products for resale and tries to satisfy every need of our clients and offer a wide range of everyday goods. We are a member of BSCI and the quality of our products is tested regularly and certified, for example OekoTex100, LFGB and REACH.


CK Supplies Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 (0)12 045 75 166

CK Supplies offer a huge range of products including: bin bags, paper supplies, plastic storage solutions, bulbs batteries, toiletries, household products, seasonal products and many more. We supply and despatch to UK and Europe.


Clothes Stocklots

Contact information
Tel: +31 342 462860
Fax: +31 342 461635
E-Mail: info@clothes-stocklots.com

We are a Netherlands-based wholesale trader in Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s clothing, shoes, accessories, home textiles, towels and others. Our warehouse is located in Terschuur, The Netherlands.
We sell by the carton, pallet, and truckload. Anything offered is available for inspection prior to purchasing.
Please feel free to visit us in our showroom and warehouses to take a look at the products we offer. Please inform us of the products you are interested in, we will send you the product details and quotations.


CM Lassen A/S

Contact information
Tel: +45 206 40170 / +45 246 42474
E-Mail: info@cmlassen.dk

CM LASSEN A/S is a family company owned by Hans and his sons Morten and Christian Kjær Lassen. We are conveniently located on Snaremosegård in Erritsø, Fredericia. Denmark. We buy and sell cheap stocklots. Goods that have been really cheap for example, because it is a residue from the production, the goods have been going long on stock etc. So good products, which somehow has come to exceed, and sold at very cheap prices. We buy in large quantities and divide the goods into smaller lots. The 3000 m2 warehouse is often filled to the max, with cheap stocklots.


Daily Trading

Contact information
Tel:+32 475 95 78 65
E-Mail: daily-trading@skynet.be 

Daily Trading is a Belgium wholesaler selling several products including gifts, toys and Household wares. 


Davro International ltd

Contact information
Tel: 0044 161 660 9444
E-Mail: leah@davroint.com


De Basis BV

Contact information
Tel: 0180 39 12 00
E-Mail: info@debasisbv.nl


Decostar B.V.

Contact information
Tel: +31 55 540 30 24
E-Mail: info@decostar.nl

Decostar offers you a broad range of home accessories not only for your living room, kitchen and bathroom but also for your garden and terrace. The composition of this unique and complete concept is based on the latest trends such as a country atmosphere with more colour and various patterns. Have a look in our showroom and find out now what is going to be trendy. Contact us to make an appointment either in our showroom.



Contact information
Tel: +36 1 797 0982
E-Mail: zsuzsa.lendvai@depotrip.com

DepoTrip Hungary offers tough sell products, stack-stocklots, assets and real estates behind collapsed financial constructions on one spot. Our unique marketplace creates a transparent and structured supply for frozen commodities, forgotten assets and unused capacities. Our web shop is a good platform for stocklot-owners who intends to sell towards B2B actors and investors. We continuously engage the opening of national markets into the network in 2015. We welcome partners for joint venture or franchise operation of marketplaces on national markets in national languages. Our marketplace is open for partners. We welcome all the parties benefitting from the commerce of tough sell products, stacked- stocklots and assets or capacities, either from the supply or from the demand side; in franchise or joint-venture form – to foster B2B commerce.


Destock Export Development

Contact information:
Tel: +33 134 300 609
E-Mail: contact@destockexport.com

DED is the France’s leading specialist in destock consumer products for export.
With over 20 years’ experience in destocking and batch selling for export behind us, the DED team is recognised as the leading market specialist. DED has a 15 000m² warehouse for greater efficiency, facilitating the work of customs clearing agents and customs controllers, as well as optimising container packing and dual labelling.


Devan Group SA

Contact information
Tel: +32 2331 31 40
Fax: +32 2331 31 38
E-Mail: info@devangroup.be

The Devan group has 15 years of experience on the international market of stock sales and is importer and exporter of merchandise with a solid reputation on the European market and far beyond.


Discount Interiors LTD

Contact information                                                    
Tel: +44-7809764422
E-Mail: sales@discount-interiors.co.uk

We are the only European Distributor of Really Useful Boxes, factory overruns and excess stocks.
Our company is based in London.

Our main product is a range of patented, strong, stacking storage boxes. Each box is supplied with a separate lid, which can be held securely in place by a locking member attached to the box itself.

“Really Useful Box” is our registered trade mark and our boxes are manufactured in the UK.

This brand is renowned throughout the UK, Europe and America for being THE most durable and strongest plastic storage boxes on the market.
Normally, the prices are un affordable to most discount stores, however, our offer of factory stock allows even the most price-conscious discount stores to compete with the leading retailers where these boxes are only ever sold i.e. Staples, Office Depot, Carrefour  etc.
This is a fantastic opportunity to regularly buy container-loads of surplus stock at the lowest prices. Sizes range from 3 Litre up to 84L and are ideal for all storage solutions.


Dias-Trade BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 613141505
E-Mail: paul@dias-trade.nl

DIAS-TRADE BV is a clearance wholesaler in all kind of products, such as, Household, DIY, toys, garden, luggage, Multi Media items and many more.
With over 35 years of experience your address to visit. We buy and sell small and large stocks worldwide.


Dino Trading BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 55 54 000 40
E-Mail: bastiaan@dinotrading.nl

Dino Trading is specialized in plush toys, soccer, football, small presents, toys and give a ways. Their huge collection includes the following license articles: Disney Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Minions, Teletubbies, Hello Kitty, Bob the Builder, Dora, Thomas the Train, Care Bears, Toy Story 3 and Shrek!


Domino International

Contact information 
Tel: +43 6181 50355
E-Mail: krzysztof-frankiewicz@wp.pl


Dune Bleue

Contact information
Tel: +35 1911 9930 56
E-Mail: rosamaria@dunebleue.com

We are an exporter of socks from Portugal. All type of socks for men and ladies.


Dünenberg Handel

Contact information 
Tel: +49 5462 887 1263
E-Mail: info@duenenberg-handel.de


eFulfillment GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +49 (0) 511-8984 2840
E-Mail: s.canan@efulfillment-online.de

The eFulfillment GmbH is a young and rapidly expanding online trader from Hanover, Germany. Since 2010 we have been successful as an innovative company in the eCommerce business. Thanks to the continuous development of our business and the positioning of our brands Nemaxx, LEDVero, MediaLy and Viesta we have managed to significantly increase sales since the company’s inception and as a result of careful planning and strategic expansion of products and sales channels. The unique feature of our company is the projection of the supply chain from the import of the goods, their distribution to its logistics for the multi-channel businesses.

At the Eurotrade Fair we would like to present some of our best product categories. We will offer some kind of LED lightings, safety technology, infrared heating’s and garden tools.



Contact information
Tel: +39 052 359 3636
E-Mail: riccardo@eljte.it

Eljte is, since more than twenty years, a solid reality in business gift sector, sport awards and gifts.
Eljte boasts a wide range of products of silver plated and metal objects in constant renewal.
Thanks to a real availability of 10.000 pcs in prompt deliveryEljte is able to satisfy any orders within 24/48 hours.


Europ Trading Market

Contact information
Tel: +33 134 04 76 16
E-Mail: benedicte@e-t-m.fr

Undisputed leading specialist distributor in trading activity, the company Europ Trading Market is specialized in dealing branded products that come from manufacturers or companies whom make stocklot. Our company is good at buying FMCG products. These products are often in end of life or come from companies whom need to sell off their stock (overstock, unsold goods, packaging modification). Since 1987, our reputation for excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and our extensive product range has led to strong business relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, traders and retail groups across the globe.



Contact information
Tel: +44 1706 360000
E-Mail: info@eurosimm.com

Eurosimm has over 300 pallets of end of line stock clearance from Philips Consumer Luminaires available for immediate delivery.
We deliver exciting opportunities across an impressive portfolio on end of line Phillips, Massive & Bright light covering both indoor and outdoor lighting products.
We have products ranging from Spots, Pendants, Chandeliers & Garden lighting Our distribution hub in Greater Manchester is in excess of 50,000 sq ft, with thousands of lighting products physically in stock and ready to ship.


Famous Brands Creation

Contact information
Tel: +48 869 096 9939
E-Mail: zl@famousbrands.biz


Fashion Deals Trading

Contact information
Tel +31 252 348614
Mob +31 6 51185764
E-Mail: info@fashiondealstrading.nl

Fashiondealstrading is a Dutch whole sale company in branded shoe’s and branded textiles. Brands we provide directly from our 1500m2 warehouse are Nike-Adidas-K-Swiss- Palladium-Asics-Le Coq Sportif – New Balance – Helly Hansen – Superdry – Timberland – UGG – La Coste – Vans – Converse etc. etc. We are for many years already in the stocklot business and we have always over > 150.000 pcs on stock.


Fashion Junkies

Contact information
Tel: +31 63 4189 400
E-Mail: ed@fashionjunkies.nl

Fashion Junkies is a company that is specialized in branded clothing, shoes and accessories.

At the Eurotrade Fair we will offer our exclusive range of branded fashion for the best price!


Fernway Limited

Contact information
Tel: +44-1132451617
E-Mail: elliot@fernwayltd.co.uk

Fernway Ltd has been in business for over 20 years specialising in supplying the retail markets in both the UK and Europe with clearance merchandise covering all categories of branded and non branded Items.


France Invendus

Contact information
Tel: +33-2 43 01 56 32 (3632)
E-Mail: pguerin@france-invendus.com

We are an international wholesaler for professionals specialized in opportunities and great deals. Our products come from Europe, Asia and America and are coming to us for reasons like: packaging chance, order cancellation, overstocks, etc. Our 25 sales people offer you any kind of products, from food to clothes, from HPC to toys or electronic goods.
We offer great new deals on a daily basis. We have a strong logistic force of 10 platforms in France. Our customers make their payment to use in advance before departure of the goods. Our dedicated transport department help our customers to get very competitive prices.


Frank v/d Wijgert

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)6 53642825
E-Mail: f.vd.wijgert@zonnet.nl

You are at the right address by us for all large and small parties for everyone, both business and private. Keep an eye on our range regularly, this will be updated weekly and modified.


FSH Logistics

Contact information
Tel: +49 2645 9771 427
E-Mail: s.heimbuch@fsh-logistics.de

We are a flexible company with a great mix of products from different ranges of non-food items. Due to our long experience in importing products and long term cooperations with our suppliers, we can offer you good quality products for competitive prices! A wide range of tools as well as a big assortment of hometextiles is part of our main products. Gardening and Camping Items as well as office supplies and Seasonal items like Christmas or Outdoorseason products make our range of products perfect.


Branded Toys Stocklots

Contact information
Tel: +48 505 4553 45


Getrabel BVBA

Contact information
Tel: +32 475 701 535 / +32 475 944 056
E-Mail: info@getrabel.be

We buy and sell stocklots of shoes and textiles for ladies, men and children.
All our stocks of shoes are recent, in leather, and made in Portugal or Spain.
All our textile stocks are made in EU.
We supply to wholesalers and outlet stores all over EU.
We are looking for contacts in different countries.


GKS Handelssysteme GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +49 212 380 890
E-Mail: stg@gksgmbh.de



Contact information
Tel: +49 (0)711 658 56 642
E-Mail: kontakt@global-products24.de

Global-Products24 is a B2B Shop. This means that only entrepreneurs can buy here. Our Customers can buy 24 hours a day. We sell Houshold Products and things for daily use. We are based in Stuttgart-Germany. Among other things, we are also a member of the dealer’s association in Germany. We are 100% serious and we guarantee fast deliveries.


Global Sourcing

Contact information
Tel: +44 (0) 7866 734 848
E-Mail: joanne@globalsm.co.uk

Global Sourcing Manchester Ltd is an Overstock Specialist Company based in Manchester, UK. We have an experienced team with over 17 years of trading who have the skills and knowledge to buy and sell across a wide range of categories.

Specialists in: Excess/Obsolete/Clearance Stock, Free up Warehouse Space, Improve Cash Flow, Brand Protection, Discretion


Grant & Bowman

Contact information
Tel: +44 20 8326 2626
Fax: +44 20 8326 2627
E-Mail: gb@bowmangroup.com

Grant and Bowman Ltd. was established in 1967, and has become one of Europe’s leading excess inventory specialists. We have many years of international experience in trading branded consumer products through specialised channels of distribution. We provide our suppliers with a large broad based European network of distribution that enables inventories to be disposed of without “collateral impact” on the principals “first tier” levels of distribution.



Contact information
Tel: +49 841 88 13 13 64
E-Mail: julia.hundsdorfer@maxgruendl.de

Gründl can trace back its history to the 1920s. The company was founded in Ingolstadt, where it is still located today. With its finger always on the pulse of time, the last ten years have seen the company’s consequent development as a specialized wholesaler for knitting yarns and haberdashery on an international level. Knitting is absolutely in, and so is wool. Knitwear fashion and extravagant designer pieces made from wool can be admired on catwalks all over the world.
Besides specialized retailers, we also supply wool wholesalers, wool shipping agents, department stores, special stock outlets, and well-known discounters, located both in Germany and in Europe.


Guy Darrells Trading Ltd

Contact information
Tel:+44 (0) 161-761-2772 / +44(0) 7772 854240
E-Mail: Vasant@gdtl.co.uk

Our company purchases all types of consumer products that are surplus to your requirements. We make immediate decisions together with instant payment. All transactions are treated with the utmost confidentiality.
We supply clothing lines to Discount Stores, Market Traders, Ebayers, Carboot sellers, etc.



Contact information
Tel:  0031 (0)485 36 26 26
E-Mail: info@hahebo.nl

Hahebo always offers you a wide range of stocklots, remaining inventory and goods from bankruptcies. The products we offer are usually one-shot deal. Hahebo sells new goods in large quantity to companies, traders, market vendors and other resellers. Products we offer are in stock and have immediate delivery. You can find our stock offer not only online on our website, but you can also see it during a visit to our showroom in Beugen (Netherlands) or Ankum (Germany). 


Handelsonderneming Landsmeer

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)611 332 107
E-Mail: bart@ho-landsmeer.nl

Partijgoederen, stocklots, restposten.


Hanse Trading GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +49 172 5310 346
E-Mail: wolski@hansetrading.de

We are a committed team capable of reacting and making decisions quickly. Being located in Trittau (near Hamburg) we have very good contacts to the Port of Hamburg. We are the people to contact when businesses are closed down or there are changeovers in product ranges for business reasons. Due to our good contacts, we can handle a wide range of products. With our diversified sales area in the wholesale and retail trade, we can take on large quantities of goods. Of course, we also buy small lots/stocks of goods. We are also represented at many fairs and exhibitions.



Contact information
Tel: +49 02154 470 26 627
E-Mail: ferdi@hatex24.de

HATEX AS GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1997. HATEX is a wholesale company that is engaged in the import and sale of household goods and textiles from the far East and Turkey. After intensive market research, HATEX AS GmbH & Co.KG has expanded their assortment. They also offer: Gifts, Bikes, Decorative articles, Suitcases, Trend articles. With more than 2,000 products we can offer our customers a wide range of products at a very competitive price.



Contact information
Tel: +39 0322 2300 29
E-Mail: info@hdmitalia.com

We are a professional stock clearance company, providing services in Italy and worldwide, specializing in the acquisition of a broad range of products.

For years now, we have accumulated experience in the commercialization of products in barter. In particular buying and selling advertising space in various media on behalf of companies that invest in publicity and allows them to pay with products of their production / sales etc.

Our sales products, goods and services deriving from the operations of barter, give great customer quality and guarantee. We buy/sell Excess, Liquidation, Bankruptcy, End of Line, Receivership, Over-productions, Cancellations, Specification Changes and a lot more.


Heathside Trading Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 7850 4059 37
E-Mail: robert@re-market.co.uk

Heathside Trading Ltd specialises in the purchase and sale of branded clearance merchandise of all descriptions.
Our stock is warehoused in Burnley in Lancashire, in a fully racked modern storage facility.
We can undertake simple labelling and assorting tasks at the buyers expense.
All export orders are on an ex-warehouse basis.
We have tried to give as much information as possible on the site but if you require more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hokus Pokus

Contact information
Tel: +49 (0)4551 93011
E-Mail: info@hokus-pokus.com 

Since the opening in 1993, we have continually adapted to the expansion of the market. Our assortment contains: personal hygiene items, garden accessories, fabrics and textiles, gifts, electronics, housewares, toys and much more!



Contact information
Tel: 025 122 4918
E-Mail: kees@hollandivani.nl

We are a Dutch wholesale company in textile. We are specialized in stocklots and we buy/sell both small and large stocks. Our main focus lies on men, women and children clothes: branded and non-branded.

We sell clothing for all seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn.


Hovemint Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 161 839 3565
E-Mail: info@hovemint.com

Hovemint Ltd is a B2B, Residual Stock Clearance company. We have over 40 years experience in the buying and selling of both branded and unbranded, fast moving consumer goods.


H.O. Neeskens BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)251 222 929
E-Mail: tom@neeskensbv.nl

Neeskens BV is a trading company founded in 1974 and located in Beverwijk, the Netherlands. We are an official importer/distributor of various car audio and car cleaning brands. With our own import and direct relationship with other importers and wholesalers, we can also offer a variety of other brands. Brands like JVC, Sony, Kenwood, JBL and Clarion can found regularly found on our website.


HWH Hansetrading GmbH & Co KGH

Contact information:
Tel: +49 172 513 0346
E-Mail: wolski@hansetrading.de

We are a committed team capable of reacting and making decisions quickly. Being located in Trittau (near Hamburg) we have very good contacts to the Port of Hamburg. We are the people to contact when businesses are closed down or there are changeovers in product ranges for business reasons. Due to our good contacts, we can handle a wide range of products. With our diversified sales area in the wholesale and retail trade, we can take on large quantities of goods. Of course, we also buy small lots/stocks of goods. We are also represented at many fairs and exhibitions.



Contact information:
Tel: +33 6606 969 49
E-Mail: carole@intersold.fr

Welcome to INTERSOLD SAS the destocking specialist.
Your unsold embarrass you? Sell them!
Intersold redeem your goods and you get rid of your inventory problems.
Specialist transactions and logistics of stocking, Intersold guarantee a complete service that will make you save space, time and even cash!
Trust the experts destocking!


Intro BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 318 653 900
E-Mail: info@introbv.nl

Intro international is an Importer/wholesaler of toys.

We are doing a lot of export to Germany, Iceland, Poland, Czech, France, Belgium and more.

Our core business is small toys for Horeca and Restaurants.
We also do a lot of trade in books (license and non-license) and stocklots.


Iron-Tech Srl

Contact information
Tel: +39 306 8133 98 / +39 306 8113 91
E-Mail: info@iron-techsrl.com

IRON-TECH is a company specializing in commerce of goods come from bankrupt companies, liquidations and stocklots.
We purchase goods from various categories: industrial assets, machine tools,
vehicles, plastic stretch film, wine and much more.



Contact information
Tel: +49 8232 959900

„IQ 4 YOU“ is excitingly versatile. Our work is characterized by German precision, rich in ideas and with the power of innovation. It is no surprise that our product range is refreshingly diversified. What began in 1996 with the energy drink XXL, has now become an internationally successful company in the beverages industry. Since 2005 we have combined our beverage brands under the parent company of „IQ 4 YOU GmbH“.



Contact information
Tel: +39 0376 780101
E-Mail: info@italwear.it

Italwear’s is leader in collecting and selling stock, in Italy and all over the world, of products of various categories that include underwear, lingerie, clothing, household linens, accessories, body care and much more. We propose to our clients a vast range of premium quality goods at affordable prices; thanks to our weekly promotional offers we highlight the products of the moment in a transparent, simple and direct way, all over the world, and all year long.

Our stock website: www.stockitalwear.com


Jan Langedijk Flowerbulbs & Seeds

Contact information
Tel: +31 228 542 222
E-Mail: info@langedijk.nl

Jan Langedijk Flower Bulbs is a Top #10 exporter of dutch flower bulbs and seeds.
Flower bulbs and seeds in Retailpackages and Shopdisplays for Supermarkets, Gardencenters, DIY, etc…
And bulk bulbs and seeds for professionals, greenhouses, municipalities, city parks, etc..
We deliver our bulbs and seeds in all European countries, Russia & CIS and worldwide.
We are contract supplier to many well known european chains of Supermarkets, Gardencenters, DIY, etc..
But also smaller business partners and individual single shops.
Feel free to contact us for any questions or information.
B2B sales only.


Jono Toys B.V.

Jono Toys is a young, dynamic and fast growing company in the toys industry. They have become a major player in this industry, both nationally and internationally.
We import worldwide and export to many parts of Europe including Scandinavia, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, etc.
We supply to well-know chain stores, discounters, wholesalers and more.



Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)13 4685580
Fax: +31 (0)13 4633863
E-Mail: info@pbholding.nl 

Trading company J. Joosten since 1980 one well-known adress.Renowned for buying, among other things: excess stocks/Stocklots/Stock from bankrupcies/Real estateCommercial properties

The benefits of doing business with trading company J. Joosten are the following:

  • We act swiftly, correctly and, if preferred, in cash
  • We can collect the products within 24 to 48 hours.Goods we purchase are, for instance: Clothing/Shoes/Home appliances/Toys/Stocklots/Food/Excess stocks of any kind.


Klyne and Klyne LTD

Contact information
Tel: +44 161 702 5050
E-Mail: issaac@theklynegroup.com

Klyne & Klyne specialise in providing heavily branded consumer merchandise in the DIY, Household, Gardening and related sectors at promotional prices. We are able to provide our customers with an ever-changing portfolio of special offers from top brands to increase footfall in their stores and provide value for their customers. With over 30 years in the industry and a global presence in over 45 countries we understand and accommodate the needs of our customers.


KMF - Fleischmann GmbH

We are a wholesaler and retailer specialized in stocklots and overproductions.
We purchase products/stocklots from all kind op categories and offer them for a very competitive price. As a customer, you can take advantage of this by visiting one of our seven stores, or just contact us.


Kooistra.com BV.

Contact informatie
Tel: +31 -58 203 00 88
E-Mail: info@kooistra.com

Kooistra.com is an international company specializing in buying and selling of stocklots in all industries. Mainly bankruptcies, surpluses, sample collections, damaged goods, returns, B-choice items, goods with packaging changes and complete store inventory. Stocklots of household items, toys, tools, decorations, food, shoes & clothing, etc. Our sales ranges from chain stores, market traders to export traders.


Licensed Products

Contact information
Tel: +31 6 537 188 79
E-Mail: sales@licensedproducts.nl


Luxury Brands UK Ltd

Luxury Brands UK LTD is a worldwide company established in 2002 with two main offices in France and The United Kingdom. Our principal activity is the Exportation of European luxury brands and Licenses in Fashion, Footwear and accessories.

Our principal Brands:
Adidas, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Converse, DG, Maui, New Balance, Nike, Pierre Cardin, Rivaldi…



Contact informatie
Tel: +49 9119 8181 316
E-Mail: b.leidenberger@macma.de



Contact information
Tel: ++48 784 917 412
E-Mail: krzysiek@twoj-importer.pl

Maxx 10 Group is a European company engaged in the purchase and sale of stocklots. They purchase and sale stocklots for over 12 years. Maxx 10 Group purchases liquidation goods, stocklots, etc. and they supply the largest retail chains in Europe. They also export to Africa. Contact us for the purpose of sale or purchase of stocks. We are interested in branded products, returns, non-food products.



Contact information
Tel: 0049 171 476 0613
E-Mail: mehako@aol.com

Come – See – Buy

  • Stocks of all kinds
  • Constantly new goods
  • Warehouse with C&C system for your quick and easy purchase
  • Top prices for top goods
  • Purchase and sale of goods from overstocks, liquidations, bankruptcies, as other various stocks

Please understand that we do not send out offers for our goods in stock.


Mesa Products International BV

Contact information:
Tel: +31 314 332816(2)
E-Mail: melvin@mesa-products.com

Mesa Products International BV is a diversified wholesale company focused on cleaning, kitchenware and tools. The collection will find her way to the customers by a reputable retail network, direct response television networks, teleshopping and mail-order companies.

Our brand  Enrico consists of a wide assortment of clever kitchen tools like ceramic frying pans, salad makers, salad graters, mandolins, choppers and more. The M-line by Enrico is our newest brand. This collection contains  products with a plug like halogen ovens,  food processors, slow juicers, etc.

Our Aqua Laser brand consists of products for each cleaning activity. Products like floor steamers, hand steamer, carpet cleaner, steam iron, vacuum cleaners and more. Mannsberger is a brand with tools for gardening and tools for the ‘Do it yourself’ men and woman.


MD Home Electro

Contact information
Tel: +32 2425 4915
E-Mail: Mustafa@unicom.be

MD is a newborn electrical home appliances brand headquartered in Brussels / BELGIUM. Its aim is to bring innovation and practicality to its consumer’s home.

All MD products are being selected according to latest trends and technology. We are putting our work in order to make our consumers life much easier and comfortable.
MD offers an extensive variety of home appliances such as multi-cookers, grills, coffee machines, juicers, blenders, etc. The best quality at affordable prices is the way MD is going towards.
With its international quality certificates, dynamic sales team and fair exhibitions, MD is aiming to make itself known and reach higher at every step.


MM Products Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 156 677 4464
Fax: +44 156 677 4464
E-Mail: sales@trademill.co.uk

www.Trademill.co.uk are buyers and sellers of clothing stocklots.
We buy and sell large quantities of clothing stocklots. Our main customers are Exporters, importers, Distributors, wholesalers, chain stores, shops and entrepreneurs.
With our large network of international contacts we can move big stocks both in UK and internationally. Our main focus is providing high quality clothing at low prices with unrivalled service.


Nesher Ltd

Contact information
Tel: 0161 740 0909
Fax: 0161 795 8405
E-Mail: davidliberoff@nesher.co.uk

With 35 years of experience and connections in the trade, Nesher Ltd offers a wide range of clearance lines in jewelry and watches for a range of price-budgets, many from well known high-street brands.  Additionally we manufacture our own low-cost jewellery and watches under the brands of ‘The Olivia Collection’, ‘Relda’, and ‘Jakob Strauss’ and we are seeking agents to act as distributors across Europe for these ranges.



Contact information
E-Mail: allewijn.j@multifind.nl

Multifind is a rapidly growing company that trades in surpluses and stocklots. We sell regular and residual articles. MultiFind strives to offer all their goods as cheap as possible. We do business in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland. We are busy expanding our international network. This year we want to open a new location of MultiFind in Poland to expand our trade in Eastern Europe. MultiFind BV works closely with reputable companies in the transport and logistics, various suppliers and reliable financial and legal parties.


Nawarra Süßwaren GmbH

Contact information
E-Mail: c.buschung@nawarra.com

On and in the market for the last 25 years. In 1992 the current CEO, Klaus-Jürgen Nawarra, bought the Vogtländische Waffelfabrik in Netzschkau, Saxony, and simultaneously set up Nawarra Süßwaren GmbH. At this point, the Netzschkau site specialised in the production of all manner of marshmallow wafers.

In addition to producing marshmallow articles, Nawarra Süßwaren GmbH has in the last few years grown into Germany’s biggest importer of Italian confectionery and baking products. Twenty-five people are employed in the distribution of these very popular products at the marketing and administrative site at Havixbeck.



Nienstedt Geschenke GmbH is your partner for remaining stock for resellers, with a focus on gifts, decorative items, houseware, toys, floristry and much more.


OEGE-Trading Ltd

Contact information
E-Mail: lisa.jesser@oege-trading.de

OEGE-Trading Ltd. is a fast growing wholesaler and distributor of a-brand fast moving products of all categories such as small domestic appliances, consumer electronics, health & baby care, drugstore items etc. Main brands we are dealing with are Braun, Philips, DeLonghi, Sony and Brita.
Oege-Trading is based in Dortmund with its own warehouse of about 28000 skus and just opened a new sales branch in Berlin.


Optimal Trading BV

Contact information
E-Mail: info@optimal-products.nl

Newly participating Optimal Trading BV is involved with import and export of general goods.
Specificaly in Hamburg to trade a large stocklot of LED and regular lighting products of the top brand OSRAM.
Product category specification: LED T8 bar, E27 E14 GU10 E40 LED bulbs, PrevaLED, LED modules, LED Display lighting.


Orange Planet

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)162 384 422
E-Mail: orders@orangeplanet.nl

Orange Planet develops, produce and import unique and striking products which make our lives easier! We are successful in categories fitness, weight loss, beauty, gadgets, health, household, kitchen, etc. Today we have over 600 products in our range.


Orsera Trading

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0) 342 460 000
E-Mail: info@orseratrading.com

ORSERA Trading has many years of experience in the field of purchasing and selling stocklots, in the industry of promotional products. You are welcome to visit our showroom in Barneveld (the Netherlands) or visit us at Fairs in Europe.


Otto Simon

Contact information
Tel: +31 546 837777
E-Mail: j.traupe@t-online.de

Wholesale business in toys!
We supply over 10.000 items! We carry all premium brands. Also for other toys, from dice to trampolines and from pens to swimming pools!


Pawlowski Warenhandels GbR Postenhandel- land

Contact information
Tel: +49 1511 5683 269
E-Mail: christoph.pawlowski@postenhandel-nord.de

We are wholesaler of stocklots for every sort of products. We only deal with stocklots. Always changing stocklots.



Contact information
Tel: +31 655 711 490
E-Mail: powercomster@gmail.com

Powercom is a company that is specialized in stocklots and wholesale. We purchase stocklots/goods from various categories, in particular office supplies.


Price Hunter International Ltd.

Contact information
Tel: +44 (0)161 653 1306
E-Mail: natasha.g@hunterprice.co.uk

We Trade large volumes of excess stock from a number of sources worldwide. We work with big brands directly and re-sell on to our trusted customer base. We work with various products from Gift, Toys, Tech Accessories, Outdoor wear, Dress Up, Bags and Licenced Products.


Quickpack Haushalt & Hygiene GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +49 2594 959 9776 / +49 2594 991 0987
E-Mail: dirk.obschinsky@quickpack.de

We have been manufacturing aluminium foil, cling film, keep-fresh film bags, bin bags/refuse sacks, freezer bags, household products, paper and sanitary products for the German and European markets since 1966 and at the same time are one of the leading European manufacturers of own-label products.



Contact information
Tel: +49 171 5105 052
E-Mail: grosshandel@rappelkiste-spielwaren.de

Rappelkiste is a wholesaler that is specialized in toys. We are already active for years in the purchase and sale of stocklots. Our focus is primarily on branded toys. We are located in the north of Germany, and have already built up a strong brand awareness. With our years of experience and expertise in this branch we are able to recognize trends and know how to anticipate with success!


Redirect Marketing Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 7766 000 466

Redirect Marketing offers a twofold approach, New Product Development and also buying and the discrete re-marketing of Overstocks, Distressed, Surplus and End of Line Inventory.



Contact information
Tel: +49 02234 6821998
E-Mail: info@megastox.de

We are specializing in buying, selling and trading of all kinds of stocklot, closeout, liquidation, bankruptcies, overstock, clearance, excessive inventory, surplus discounted lines or clearance goods, damaged goods, returns, B-choice items, from major department stores and manufactures, remaining inventory and goods from bankrupt stock, goods with packaging changes and complete store inventory across the globe.



Contact information
Tel: +372 555 35 090
E-Mail: info@realkeskus.ee

Overproduction, non mover items, warehouse surplus, special products, remaining stock, bankruptcy products, stocklots and leftovers, returned goods, outsourcing products. Problematical goods, best before close goods, food and frozen food!
Stocklots from Finnish and Estonian ports.
Scandinavian Realization Centre will be your new partner in buying and selling stocklots!


ReGoed BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 6 22 92 47 80
E-Mail: ybouchikhi@regoed.nl

ReGoed is a trading company that trades in different batches of products. The organization is known for its cheap and competitive offers. The company is located in the Netherlands and trades internationally. The organization consists of employees who focus on providing quality products for the lowest possible price. We are a company that is always trying to expand our business and we are always open to negotiations and building a business relationship.



Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)299 434 447
E-Mail: kevin@remalux.nl

Remalux B.V. is an International trading company which trades since it’s establishment in 1984 with more than 10.000 different types of consumer products.
Our product groups include household items, electrical appliances, electronica, tools, gifts, travel articles, decorative articles, TV items, gadgets.
Headquartered in the Netherlands, with a storage capacity of 12,000 Pallets, we are able to deliver directly from our own stock. We offer additionally a “custom made” delivery. Experience it yourself.



Contact information:

For over 15 years we stand for fair trade between traders and professionals. Restposten.de is one of the leading wholesale marketplaces for surpluses and stocklots, promotional articles and our goods are always immediately available.
Our guideline is an innovative, serious and fair trade on restposten.de. Our platforms bring together more than 30.000 traders from 93 countries.


Retail Sell and Pay

After years of growth, RetailSellAndPay has become a leadingcompany in home textiles, with an extensive customer base in various market segments, such as Retailcompanies – Loyalty programs – Supermarket chains in the EU – Drugstore Groups.
Stocks4retail is intended for sale of stocks from our factory in Pakistan as well as the stocks of our partner companies in Egypt – Pakistan – Bangladesh – India and China. 90% of our offer consists of household textiles and 10% from other stocks. Besides our own factory in Pakistan we have an inspection company follow up office in Egypt that monitors the progress of your orders.


Rigwell Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 1706 837 85
E-Mail: jacob@rigwell.co.uk

For over 15 years we stand for fair trade between traders and professionals. Restposten.de is one of the leading wholesale marketplaces for surpluses and stocklots, promotional articles and our goods are always immediately available.
Our guideline is an innovative, serious and fair trade on restposten.de. Our platforms bring together more than 30.000 traders from 93 countries.



Contact information
Tel: +31 65 38 96 994
E-Mail: info@rimaro.net

Are you a company that purchases stocklots? Do you own goods that do not longer meet the demand and requirements? Or damaged goods or simply surpluses? Then you have come to the right place! We purchase and sell all kind of stocklots!



Contact information
Tel: +46 31 707 1400
E-Mail: robert.holmgren@robetoy.se

Robetoy was founded in 1950 by Robert Holmgren. We are today 15 employees who are doing our best to serve existing and new customers within book and stationary stores, department stores, toy shops, museums, tourist shops amongst others, mainly in Sweden but also elsewhere. Since July 2004 we are located in Partille, just outside Göteborg (Gothenburg). We have 3000 m2 offices, warehouses and an exhibition hall.

Since the beginning our ambition has been to find and distribute attractive products with a quick turnover. Some have become classics, such as the magic snake, others belong to the trend range that varies over time. We have over time established a valuable and reliable network of manufacturers within the various product categories.


Robivo Trading

Contact information
Tel: +31 6 4443 8887 / +31 6 2442 4420
E-Mail: info@robivotrading.nl

Robivo Trading B.V. is a young Dutch wholesale company, specialized in stocklots and situated on Amentstraat 17A in Stramproy. We welcome you 24/7, online and at our warehouse with showroom. Our stock is constantly changing so keep watching us online or subscribe for our newsletter for all the updates on the products you are looking for.


Rosa Inter-Service

Contact information
Tel: +49 (0)2161 57 44 80
E-Mail: info@rosa-stock.de

Rosa Inter-Service  is a German company located in the west of Germany. We are the market leader for the export remaining stock products of world wide known brands to Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazachstan, the Baltic states, Poland, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldavia, Romania, the former States of Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries.

We offer clothing for men, women and kids, shoes, accessories, underwear, costume jewellery and so on. The different mixes are composed according to different possible customers regarding price or age and style. Thus, working with us allows you to satisfy a large and wide demand of customers of different kind.


Sacha Destock

Contact information
Tel: +32 13 55 63 07
E-Mail: deboes.gaetan@wanadoo.fr

Destocking in hygiëne-entretien-cosmetique.

Situaded in the North of France.
We destock products of very big French sign (brand).



Contact information
Tel: +31 203 632 090

Sambro’s experience within licensed merchandise has grown from strength to strength and over the years they have developed strong relationships with licensors that enable us to create well-priced products that are innovative and of high-quality. By working closely with licensors, their design team is now able to create bespoke ranges for retailers that encompass a host of different product categories including toys, arts & crafts, stationery, bags and wheeled goods. Heavy investment has also allowed them to develop our own tooling which further enhances the ranges we offer.


Serpaco GmbH & Co. KG and M.L. International BV

Contact information:
Tel: +49 2404 9888 21
E-Mail: at@serpaco.com

Serpaco GmbH & Co. KG and M.L. International BV announce strategic and operational partnership.
From the new alliance will primarily benefit the customers of both companies. M.L. International is specialized in fashion-accessories and all that is involved. They offer you the great opportunity to deliver the ordered articles, with your own company name, wrapping, logo and barcode. Clearness, openness and transparency, that are the terms we work with.



Contact information
Tel: +31 040 291 1232
E-Mail: w.wanrooy@shellton.nl

Shellton Food Products offers a wide and comprehensive range of responsible food products that perfectly match the ever-changing consumer demand.

In addition to dairy, meat and fish, we offer a range of products in our new segment of beverages, in which we are currently launching, among other things, ‘Elixer Mixer’. This is a drink with 5 flavours with a good taste that has positive effects on the body. So, we offer an excellent healthy choice in a trendy jacket for a very wide audience. Check for more details and information the website: www.elixermixer.com.


Skokart SRL

Contact information
Tel: +39 0815108125
E-Mail: skokartsrl@outlook.it

Skokart srl is an italian importer and wholesaler company for school, stationery and office items plus Christmas and seasonal decorations items as well.

Our company is based in Italy since 1985 and is become a professional partner for several relevant customers in Italy.



Contact information
Tel: + 31 (0) 40 23522212
E-Mail: info@smartwares.nl

Smartwares Safety & Lighting products make life in and around your home safer, more comfortable, easier and more fun. We offer smart consumer solutions in the area of security and safety, fire protection, home automation and (security) lighting. As a market leader in lighting, alarm and surveillance systems, we offer a lot of choice. We think in solutions: Accessible. Affordable. Easy to use.

All our products come with clear instructions, are carefully tested and meet the standards of various European inspection agencies such as KEMA, TÜV / GS and EMC / CE.


Speijer B.V.

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)20 612 22 12
E-Mail: info@speijer.info

Speijer B.V. buys and sells since 1947 consumer goods from producers, stores and wholesales from all over the world with very high discount. Our collection is extremely various and changes every week. Visit our site regularly and please mail or call us for the latest updates.

We buy and sell: Garments for men ladies and kids, Shoes, Electronics, Shop interiors, Gift articles, Office articles



Contact information:
Tel: +33 3205 55250

Overloaded with unsold stock? Why not sell it?
STIC France can solve your problem by taking unsold stock off your hands.
As an expert in the field of unsold stock purchase and logistics, STIC provides a complete service: saving you space and time, and helping to increase your cash-flow!


Steal a Deal

Contact information:
Tel: +44 (0)161 654 7738
E-Mail: info@stealadeal.co.uk

Steal A Deal Ltd is a clearance specialist, specialising in home, Toys, Gifts & Electricals from leading brands, trade visitors can expect to find some great items at great prices.


Stockbusters BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 615 382 856
Fax: +31 555 403 902
E-Mail: info@stockbusters.eu

Stockbusters BV is a company that specializes in the sale and purchase of remaining stock, stocklots, store and warehouse stocks, both inside and outside the Netherlands.
We are a solid company, established in Apeldoorn since several years with always 1500 to 2000 pallets lot goods in our warehouse.
We always do what we agree on, quickly and without problems.


Stocklots.com: the online trading platform

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)58 20 30 030
E-Mail: sales@stocklots.com

Stocklots.com is the online B2B trading platform where companies from all over the world buy and sell stocklots!

Why Stocklots.com:

  • Stocklots only, 24/7
  • Worldwide network
  • Branded goods
  • Rock-bottom prices
  • Free registration



Contact information:
Tel: +33 1393 320 33
E-Mail: stockinvest@wanadoo.fr

With an experience of over 30 years in the field with discount stores in France and being active in export, STOCKINVEST ensures the destocking of consumer products.
Stockinvest purchases and sells stocklots, unsold goods, overstocks, seasonal articles, bankruptcy, liquidation, etc..


Stocklots (Dominik Malysa)

Contact information
Tel: +48 790 311 100
E-Mail: dominik@stocklots.tv

Company STOCKLOTS is 100% specializing in clearance products.
We buy and sell all king of products in extremely low price.
Mostly we are specializing in 1 Pound and 1 Euro items
We offer very good transport rates to any place in UK, from 65 pounds  / pallet.
Welcome to visit our showroom in Gdansk, it is only 2 hour flight from most of UK airports


Stock and Trade Wholesale

Contact information
Tel: +31 6 250 33 446
E-Mail: info@stockandtrade.nl

Stock & Trade Wholesale is a wholesaler in consumer goods, business to business goods and materials. Through their extensive network they buy large numbers of stocks. Because of the large scale of the stocks they are able to sell their products against competitive prices.



Contact information
Tel: +333 21 44 49 98
E-mail: contact@stockover.com

Stockover is a French wholesaler situated near Lille and the Belgian border. We are specialized in the trade of overproduction and leftovers. We buy and sell surplus goods from destockage, liquidation or end of stock. Stockover offers a wide range of products in DIY, hygiene & beauty, house & decoration, textile & footwear and more…
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product groups: Toys, Clothing and Shoes, Health, Electronics, Tableware, Tools, And more


Stock Depot International BVBA

Contact information
Tel: +32 (0)3711 31 11
Fax: +32 (0)3771 12 22
E-Mail: info@stockdepot224.be

Stock Depot International BVBA has been a renowned and reliable supplier of plush, toys, electronics, gadgets and gifts since long time. Our wholesale complex with an office, a showroom and warehouses is located in Temse, Belgium.

We offer a broad range of 2800 articles. This range is modified continuously in accordance with the latest trends.

Thanks to our careful purchasing and our local contacts, we offer a broad and deep product range that allows us to serve an extensive market. Stock Depot International BVBA can be found in many places, including retail chains, gas stations and even the fairground. Our creative designers can adapt the packaging of an article entirely in accordance with the wishes and needs of Stock Depot International BVBA or in accordance with your own requirements.


Stockpoint BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)172 768004
E-mail: ricky@stockpointbv.nl

Stockpoint B.V. is a wholesale company which is based in the western part of The Netherlands.

Stockpoint is specialized in distributing sportswear, footwear and accessoiries of all major brands such as:
Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Under Armour, Hi-Tec, Fila, Kappa, Fred Perry, Reebok

We are looking forward to meet you at our stand!


Stolz GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)172 768004
E-mail: ricky@stockpointbv.nl

We are an importer, producer, bottler, manufacturer and wholesaler of all kinds of goods and novelties. Part of the outpatient market trade, but also for retailers, pharmacies, drug stores, retail stores, TV stations, publishing companies and corporations. Our business partners and our customers are located all over the world. We are known for our ideas. Fifty percent of our customers come from neighboring countries and far away to visit us. They come to pick up goods and get to know us and our goods and personal.



Contact information
Tel:+49 6251 9642-0
E-mail: neuer@sunkid.de


Sunshine Retail

Contact information
Tel: +31 499 377 882
E-Mail: info@sunshine4retail.nl

Sunshine Retail has earned its reputation in the retail sector with its successful sales and loyalty programs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For us, Sunshine Retail, it is important to satisfy our customers and offer opportunities to increase their profits. Sunshine Retail is very resourceful, service-oriented and we always have large stocks. We are as good as always reachable, we think along with you and give you advise, as entrepreneurs among each other.


S & G Sonderposten GbR Groß & Einzelhandel

Contact information
Tel: +49 212 645 276 10
E-Mail: nonfoodsolingen@web.de

Our company has been specializing in the trade of high-quality brands for many years. In our assortment you will find toys, electronic tools, household goods, textiles, lamp and much more. We only deal with new products. We sell small amounts of products but also whole truckloads.


S&H Supplies

Contact information
Tel: 0113 26 59 593

S&H Supplies are a long established international trading company based in the North of England specialising in joblots, close-out stocks of all manner of products for you to offer great discounts to your customers


Tarraco Import Export Sl

Contact information
Tel: +34-685589205
E-Mail: laura@tarracoimportexport.com

We are a Spanish company dedicated to the import, export and distribution of branded products, personal care, cleaning and dry food products. We supply retails in Spain and in the North of Africa and we also export to more than 60 countries all over the world. Our company is based in Valls, Tarragona, where we have a warehouse with 6000 m2, full equipped for the preparation and distribution of our goods.


TE Großhandel

Contact information
Tel: +49 2772 583 599
E-Mail: loell@tehandel.de


Tec & Tec

Contact information
Tel: +49 2027 4765 970
E-Mail: yilmaz@tec-tec.de

We are the distribution of Casado TV furniture, Lokmann coaxial cables and stocklots in different product groups like electronics, household goods and more. We sell brands like Grundig, Philips, Bomann, AEG…


Texet Benelux NV

Contact information
Tel: +32 16 57 11 57
E-Mail: annemie.hermans@texet.be

Texet Benelux is a leading supplier of quality workwear, company wear and promotional textiles in the Benelux. James Harvest sportswear, Printer Active wear, ProJob workwear, J.Harvest & Frost and D.A.D. sportswear are our main brands that we distribute to our resellers. To complete our service we offer great possibilities in design, trading and upgrading of our products. Texet Benelux is part of the publicly listed company New Wave Group, a global player in corporate Promo, Sports & Leisure and Gifts & Home Furnishings.


Timeless Trading

Contact information
Tel: +971 56 877 5788
E-mail: jeroen@timelesstradingbv.com

Our company has been specializing in the trade of high-quality brands for many years. In our assortment you will find toys, electronic tools, household goods, textiles, lamp and much more. We only deal with new products. We sell small amounts of products but also whole truckloads.


Tise Süsswaren GmbH

Contact information:
E-Mail: simon.pinior@tise.net

As a family-run company, Tise Süßwaren GmbH has a 15-year history. In Dormagen, near Cologne, we have a storage area of 4000m², and an office space of 350m².

Today, Tise Süsswaren GmbH is still a family-run company and has become a leading supplier of confectionery as a “litter for carnival”. We have already placed our products in various retail chains and retail stores. Our varied range of sweets gives us the satisfaction to satisfy every customer in the trade.



Contact information
Tel: +31 4025 43610
E-Mail: coen@toi-toys.com

We are the number 1 suppliers of unbranded toys! A reputable and reliable importer and wholesaler of affordable toys in Europe, for many years.
Our offer
We supply our toys to shopkeepers, wholesalers, retail chains, funfair operators, holiday parks and hotel and catering establishments. Our account managers will be pleased to visit you or welcome you in our showroom.


Toys Trade BvBa - Tradecom BvBa

Contact information
Tel: +32 475 606412
E-Mail: info@toystrade.be

TOYS TRADE BVBA is a Belgian im-& export wholesale specialized in branded toys, gifts, gadgets and non-food stocklots with more than 20 years experiences and a 1,400m² warehouse. Main activities are B2B promotional projects selling to food and non-food industry (banks, assurance, pharmaceutical, building industry, newspapers) and staff benefit programs (toys, electronics, etc).

TRADECOM BVBA is a sister company that buys and sells stocklots in non food items (house hold pyrex – consumer electronics – towels etc.) and food items; mainly drinks like cola, redbull, stella, chimay, etc. with the same filosophy: only long term base


Trend Mania Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 (0)77 113 246 05

Full range of Branded and Generic products all Clearance and stock lots. We accommodate major companies as well as independents, wholesale, Online and Retail throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East and USA.


Trolley ADC

Contact information
Tel: +33 760 431 964
E-Mail: itp@1326@hotmail.com

Trolley ADC is a brand based in France specializing in Baggage, we offer a wide range of products with excellent value for money. We can deliver in all Europe and more on request.


Tronex Netherlands BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 541 57 02 10
E-Mail: info@tronex.nl

Grounded in 1989 and more than 20 years of experience, we can say we have mastered the skills, to setup and maintain a stable company through the years. With establishments in the Netherlands (Headquarters), Germany, Bosnia and Ghana and agents spread all over Europe and Africa, Tronex is one of the biggest export companies in electronics goods of overstocks and return goods.


Tyrex-Trade B.V.

Contact information
Tel: +31 251217250
E-Mail: info@tyrex-trade.com

Tyrex-Trade is an organization that is specialized in the import and export of stocklots, surpluses, liquidation, etc. After more than 25 years, we have the knowledge and experience about national and international trade in non-food stocklots. Our customers exist of wholesalers, stores, market traders and web shop traders, nationally and internationally.
Due to the constantly changing offer you can find new products on our website every day. You can also subscribe for our newsletter for all the updates.
You can always visit us and have a look at our products!


Unistock BVBA

Contact information
Tel: +32 9348 19 82
E-Mail: william@unistock.net

VCA TEXTIL is your manufacturer, importer and wholesaler for hosiery and underwear. We offer B2B services exclusively aimed at trade professionals.
With us as your partner company, you can offer your customers hosiery and underwear at top quality and low prices. For retail and wholesale sales, we have a wide range of women’s, men’s and children’s garments that included: socks, knee-highs, Sneaker-ankle socks, athletic socks, kids socks, tights, retro boxer shorts, briefs and panties, shirts, Vests, performance cothes and much more.


United Candles

United Candles is the exclusive UK & European partner of Langley Empire Candles based in Kansas, USA. We are proud to offer their stunning, diverse, supreme quality, scented candles, accessories & melts ranges.

With all of our candles lovingly poured in the USA, the sophisticated scents imbue their surroundings with subtle fragrances designed to stimulate the senses, calm the nerves, and guarantee happiness.


VacoteX GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +49 30 94413194
E-Mail: d.handel@t-online.de

The company was founded in 2008 and we wholesale all over the world with main-view to Germany. We have a huge list on articles and look currently especially to 3D-articles like magnets and pictures in size 30x40cm.

Furthermore there are stocks in our program.


Vadebo Cards BVBA

Contact information
Tel: +32 478 345 251
E-Mail: info@vadebocards.com

Vadebo Cards is a Belgian editor and wholesaler in luxury greeting cards. The family company is run by father and son and hopefully by more generations to come! We’re currently exporting our products to several countries, such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, Scandinavia, etc… In our own graphics studio we design several original greeting cards such as: “Maxis”  “Jumbos”  “Glitter” “ Panoramic”, “Application cards”, as well as “low budget cards”. Make your own selection from our designs, with your own text, codes and logos. Our printruns start from 500 sheets.


VCA - Textil

Contact information:
Tel: +49 3945 3636 064

VCA TEXTIL is your manufacturer, importer and wholesaler for hosiery and underwear. We offer B2B services exclusively aimed at trade professionals.
With us as your partner company, you can offer your customers hosiery and underwear at top quality and low prices. For retail and wholesale sales, we have a wide range of women’s, men’s and children’s garments that included: socks, knee-highs, Sneaker-ankle socks, athletic socks, kids socks, tights, retro boxer shorts, briefs and panties, shirts, Vests, performance cothes and much more.



Contact information
Tel: +31 6461 2481 4
E-Mail: groep@verduin.eu

We are a reputable trading company specialized in the sale and purchase of stocklots, surpluses, B-choice articles, bankruptcy, liquidation, etcetera. Our customers include market vendors, retailers, chain stores and trading companies, domestic and foreign.


Victory Couture

Contact information
Tel: +48 668 267 907
E-Mail: victorycouture.office@gmail.com

We are company from Poland, which produces and distributes cosmetics (mostly perfumes) but also buy and sell stocks of many different brands. Our products are appreciated all over the world due to good quality and low prices.

We are open for any cooperation with wholesalers or cosmetics producers.


Volker Rasehorn GmbH & Co. KG

Contact information
Tel: +49 (0)40 547 592 16
E-Mail: zeisig@rasehorn.com

Volker Rasehorn represents 60 years of unparalleled excellence in facilitating our customers’ success in the world of toys and party items. Our reliability and commitment to customer’s satisfaction has made us the partner of choice when sourcing fun items from the Far East, often for generations.

Volker Rasehorn’ s broad selection covers the entire toy spectrum and allows our customers to respond quickly to any market demand. The Rasehorn team is comprised of experts, all of whom have decades of experience in the business. This deep expertise is dedicated to meeting your needs and allows you to focus on your success factors with confidence.

We cordially invite you to stop by for a visit and peruse our show room in Hamburg!



Contact information:
Tel: +49 8571 92520 15
E-Mail: l.feichtenschlager@weku-trade.de

WEKU GmbH is an international Wholesaler. Headoffice is located in Simbach Germany. A filial is in Arad, Rumarnia.
Whithout any problem, we can supply our customers, logistics, stocking and deliveries, also for all countries surrounding us. Every day we feel as challenge te prove our own high level set trade competences.
As competent and high-performance company, we are a trustfull Tradepartner in several productranges, like:

  • Textiles
  • Accessoires
  • Shoes
  • Large volumes of discount- and auction products
  • Gifts
  • Seasoning
  • Gardening



Contact information
Tel:+31 (0)40 78 200 80
E-mail: info@westocklots.com

Westocklots.com is a stock clearance company operating in the Netherlands. We sell all kind of consumer goods such as electronics, fashion, personal care, smartphone and tablet accessories, theme products and gadgets.

Ready for high converting sales in both on- and offline retail channels. We purchase consumer goods from leading European brand holders, manufacturers and distributors in order to supply ou European customers in the (online) retail.


Wiljan VOF

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)6 252 602 02
E-Mail: niels@wiljan.nl

Wiljan is a Dutch wholesale company specializing in floristry, gift items, seasonal products and decoration items.



Contact information:
Tel: +49-3491-6680
E-Mail: lieder@wisopo.de

We are a powerful partner in stocklots, returned goods, bankruptcies, acquisitions and other kind of stocklots. For the last 20 years we constantly buy stocklots and discontinued articles from the food and non-food sector. Size of the stocklots are not a problem, we own two warehouses with space for more than 10,000 euro pallets.


De Winstpakker

Contact information
Tel: +31 40 25 13 725
E-Mail: winstpakker@hetnet.nl

Do you own a store, or do you trade in stocklots? Do you exhibit at trade shows, or are you a wholesaler? Or do you, for example, organize bingos, or are you looking for great prizes for you neighbourhood association? Come and visit us and we certainly can help each other. We sell small and large stocks, which can be supplied at competitive prices



Contact information
Tel: +31 612 053 103
E-Mail: info@stocklots-restposten.eu

Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to purchase on a large scale. We are specialized in stocklots, overstocks, B-choice products, bankruptcy goods, etc.

We buy and sell products like: decorative articles, tools, household, gift items, drugstore items, toys, textiles, shoes, lightning, gardening tools, sport items, etc.



Contact information
Tel: 0046733702423
E-Mail: seble@yabelo.com

Yabelo is a Swedish online B2B wholesaler and distributor of authentic brand fashion, shoes and accessories. Our company deals only with A grade overstock, liquidation and clearance of European and American brands.


Yücel Trading

Contact information
Tel: +49 157 3518 7656
E-Mail: a.yuecel@postenland.de

Since 1996 Yücel Trading is specialized in the wholesale of stocklots and returned goods. Thanks to a sophisticated sales strategy, we maintain our position as a solid and growth-oriented company.



Contact information
Tel: +32 69 22 56 53
E-Mail: sales@zons.be

Belgium Wholesaler & Importer of home decoration and Furniture.
You Can visit our showroom in our office address or see our catalogue in our website.


Zweiburg GmbH

Contact information
E-Mail: bartsch@zweiburg.de
Tel: +49 (0)172 409 1271

Since 1997 we have busied ourselves intensively with the marketing of special out of a wide product range. We began with the reselling of the return items from the mail order and we have today an engaged team with fast action and decision capacity.
Overhangs, false productions, insurance damage, insolvencies, return items, etc. etc., or simple warehouse adjustments we buy and sell, is our core business.
Obviously we buy / or mediate also smaller numbers of supply. Little quantities find the way into our characteristics branches or into the warehouse sales / internet-shop, larger quantities hike into our wholesale trade or export.