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Tiseco is a leading company in Belgium specialising in kitchen linen, textile handkerchiefs and decoration, with an ability to create exclusive and high quality collections adapted to trends for our distributors. Mr. Degroote belongs to the third generation of the family business, all of whom invested heavily in production units abroad including China, Pakistan, India and Egypt.
Our clients include:
1. Ziczac brand is present within: INNO, Bijenkorf, Prisma, El Corte Corte Inglés, Kaufhof, Habitat, Little extra, etc.
2. Tiseco Home Studio is stocked in several retailers including: Carrefour, Auchan, Cora, Delhaize, Wibra, Colruyt, Aldi, etc.
Tiseco operates in most of Europe, as well as in new markets such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and we have very recently opened an office in Toronto for trade in the USA and Canada.

Tel: + 32(0)56 77 25 71



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