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How Companies are using trade fairs to increase sales

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How companies are using trade fairs to increase their sales


Do you find it difficult to reach new customers? Or to get customers to visit
your showroom? Keep reading to find out how trade fairs could help you.

They will come to you

Change it up and let the customers come to you. Save yourself the time and
costs of visiting all these customers and meet up with them at a trade fair. You
have the benefit of talking face-to- face and showing off your products. This
makes a trade fair an effective way to increase your sales.

Direct orders

Buyers go to a trade fair with the exact goal of buying their products on the
spot. A completely different approach, than when you go visit them. Research
by Eurotrade Fair, an international trade fair for FMCG, shows that 85% of
the visitors are authorised to make purchasing decisions and place direct
orders. This increases your chances of getting an order right at the fair and
increasing your sales.

Maintaining relationships with your customers and meet new

At a fair you get the opportunity to invite and meet with your current
customers. In a time where most business is done by phone or email, you
would almost forget how important it is to meet your customers in person. It
also gives you the chance to meet with potential or new customers, without
having to do the research and cold acquisition.

170614-eurotrade-ehv-gfw17039Eurotrade Fair

A good example of a trade fair providing all of the above is the Eurotrade Fair.
An international trade fair for stocklots of FMCG in Eindhoven, The
Netherlands. At this fair companies from over 10 different countries present
their products to buyers from over 40 different countries. Every show is
characterized by personal contact in an open atmosphere, which results in
new contacts and direct orders for its exhibitors.



Curious what they can do for your business? Get in touch with them now or
find more information here.
Eurotrade Fair
T +31-58- 2030030
E info@eurotradefair.nl

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