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Get a better price for your overstock

by Froukje in Non classifié(e)

Get a better price for your overstock

Is overstock blocking your warehouse and is this costing you money everyday? Do you already have a platform where you sell your overstock and do you want to expand that?

There are a lot of companies who sell their overstock to their regular stocklots trader in a discrete way. This is great when you want to make space fast and don’t want to put a whole lot of energy into the sales of your overstock. The only disadvantage is that one sales channel means one offer. Having only one offer leaves the possibility of missing out on better offers. There are other methods however to get better offers for  your overstock.

Other methods for better offers

Multiple sales channelsphoto-1500627321089-19f8ec7b3038

When it comes to getting better offers a solution is to have multiple sales channels instead of one. To achieve this you will have to create a network of stocklots traders where you could sell your stock to. Gathering and contacting these traders takes more energy compared to dealing with one stocklots trader. The advantage however of this method is that it allows you to receive multiple offers to choose from. The biggest challenge is creating a suitable network with stocklots traders because it takes time.

Eliminate the middleman

When you really want to get the most out of your overstock the best method is to cut out the middle man entirely and sell directly to your buyers. This takes more energy and time because you need a bigger network of buyers which you will need to maintain and increase. This method results in a better price when selling your overstock.

Where to start building your networkphoto-1505069148894-186e622d23a0

The biggest problem with the other methods is to create a suitable network of stocklots traders are retailers. The Eurotrade Fair is a great place to start diversifying your sales channel. Eurotrade Fair is a solid partner in liquidation of overstock. Exhibiting at the trade fair creates the opportunity for you to sell directly to retailers or to get in touch with stocklots traders without disturbing your own markets. It’s a fast way to achieve a better price for your overstock and create a lasting network. This reduces the amount of energy and time for the transition to one of the other methods.

Curious what Eurotrade Fair can do for your business? Get in touch with them now or find more information here.

Eurotrade Fair
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