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Boost in sales during big events!

by Froukje in Général

Header news

In the UK, supermarkets have seen the first growth in sales in almost a year, according to the latest Nielsen report.

The big sport event ‘Euro 2016’ contributed to a 6.2-per-cent year-on-year increase in the sales of alcohol (including beer and wine) over the four-week period ending 18 June 2016. There was also an increase (4.2 per cent) in the sales of crisps and snacks. This is also attributed to Euro 2016.
(European Supermarket Magazine (2016). Nielsen Report Shows Significant Boos in UK Supermarket Sales During Euro 2016, http://www.esmmagazine.com/)

In most of the European countries, Euro 2016 has contributed to an increase of the consumer goods like alcohol, chips and snacks. Particularly in countries participating in the Euro 2016.

Big (sport) events have a relatively large impact on the sales of (mainly) supermarkets. But also companies that sell, for example merchandise, toys, sport equipment, etc. feel the impact in their sales.
Because of these large impacts, it is important for entrepreneurs/companies to respond on events like this. If the event is relevant to them, they can prepare their assortment for such events and take advantage of it!

This certainly applies to the Olympic Games which begin on the 5th of August. A big event that is known worldwide! Are you and your assortment ready for the Olympic Games?

Just as entrepreneurs/companies adapt their assortments to big events as Euro 2016 and the Olympic Games, they also adapt their assortment to the different seasons of the year. An assortment that fits in well with a season, often meets the needs of the customer.
The advantage of the seasons is that they come back every year at the same time. A good preparation is required and in this case is certainly possible.

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