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Why you should use stocklots for your store to increase sales

by Froukje in Eindhoven

Why you should use stocklots for your store to increase salesgoing-green-pays-off-1236700

Are you having trouble getting customers to your store? Or do you want to increase your profit margin?
Then read this article to learn about the many uses of stocklots to increase your sales.

Stocklots are the result of factories overproducing, bankruptcies, slow moving products and more. They want to sell the products because having storage costs money and selling also creates room for other/new products. This is why they are available at low prices.


Attracting customers to your store with stocklotstag-icon-set-1306363

Stocklots are cheap and available in different volumes. Buying stocklots at cheap prices and selling them at low prices draws customers to your stores. Offering stocklots in your store means that your stock will change and surprise your customer every time they visit your store.

Which will result in them visiting your store more often. Stores like Poundland, Op=Op Voordeelshop and TK-maxx already use stocklots to keep a new and refreshing stock for their stores.

The same benefit is also great to use for a webshop. Just by selling the product online leads to traffic to your webshop. This boost of traffic can be used to increase the sales of other products as well as creating your brand.

dollars-and-cents-2-1239246Buy low and sell high

Because of stocklots being available at bottom prices you could make a great profit from them. When using stocklots as a special offer to attract customers you can still make a profit from them. Just take a look at a few big retailers nearby you who are able to offer brand products for low prices.

It gets interesting when you sell the products at just below the normal prices. The low prices leaves you a chance to get higher profit margins.

Increasing your sales 

In conclusion by using stocklots you could give yourself a boost in sales by attracting more customers, selling more products per visit and getting higher profit margins.

Do you want to know how to choose from a wide selection of available stocklots? Take a look online at stocklots.com or visit the Eurotrade Fair on 7&8 November to see the stocklots and meet the sellers in person. Get your free tickets here.


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