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Without children no future – Kitz4kids

by Froukje in Eindhoven

Eurotrade Fair finds it important to be socially involved. That is why we regularly support small charities, where people we or one of our exhibitors know personally are involved and we know that every Euro is well spent. We hope that you will help us support the following charity!

Kitz4Kids – A Hamburg foundationlogo-kitz-4kids
Since we are organizing our trade fair in Hamburg this time, it will be a good fit to support a Hamburg based charity. Therefore, we have chosen Kitz4kids. Kitz4kids was created by a collaboration of Hamburg doctors, merchants, lawyers and freelancers with different professions.

Without children no futurechildren-kitz4kids
Hamburg is beautiful and rich. Nevertheless every 5th child is affected by poverty. These are more than 50.000 children. Deficiency, exclusion and lack of perspective characterize the environment of these children. Often even the hot meal is missing during the day.

Hamburg companies want to help!
Hamburg companies, as well as private individuals, want to help! Eurotrade Fair also supports Kitz4kids! We have donated €1.327,- to Kitz4kids. You can support them too!

Do you also want to support Kitz4kids and help the children? Contact Kitz4kids for more information:

Tel: +49 40 / 80 60 21 827
E-Mail: info@kitz4kids.de


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