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Exhibitor List Eindhoven 14 &15 June 2017

4everyware Stocklots B.V.

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)13 – 581 09 56
Fax: +31 (0)13 – 581 09 58
E-Mail: info@4everyware.nl

4Everyware Stocklots B.V. is an international importer and exporter of clearance stock. We have a rock-solid reputation built on more than 10 years of experience operating in the global market.
4Everyware Stocklots B.V. has established itself as a reliable and strong partner for customers and suppliers alike. At 4Everyware Stocklots B.V. we are dedicated to buying and selling professionally and efficiently, with a view to intensive long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.


All Sales Trade House

Contact information:
Tel: +31 (0)251 23 86 73
E-Mail: info@asth.nl

All Sales Trade House is a wholesale company, based in The Netherlands, that specializes in make-up, scents, and much more. Having experience of over 25 years in this industry, we know what is happening in the world of colours and scents. We are always looking for the latest trends in make-up and nail area. Due to the tight relationships we have with our producers and consumers, we are always able to respond quickly to market developments.

We have a large assortment of regular products, as well as stock lots. At All Sales Trade House you are at the right address for small or large stocks, and A or B brands. Products are being delivered right from our own stock, so they are available for delivery at any time.

Off course you are always welcome in our showroom/warehouse to see the product and directly take the products with you.

Besides that we are distributor for several brands: W7, La Femme, Saffron, Royal Cosmetics, Creation L’Amis, Paris Memories, and many more.


Auperle Deco

Contact information:
Tel: +31 (0)6 45 280 492
E-Mail: auperledeco@outlook.com

Auperlé Deco is a wholesale company in polyester sculptures, wooden interior and exterior decoration items. We offer a wide range of polyester sculptures, wooden cases and wooden decoration items for the entrepreneur. We have more than 3000 sculptures and more than 200 wooden items.


Baterie Centrum s.r.o.

Contact information
Tel: +42(0)6 052 495 00
E-Mail: macek@bateriecentrum.cz

We are company from Czech Republic. We have offices in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. We have over 20 years of cooperating with Chinese manufacturers. We have clients in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Croatia, Holland and Germany.
What we offer: batteries, special incadescent lamps, eko hallogen lamps, compact, fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs, LED torches


Beukeboom Partijhandel

Contact information:
Tel: +31 35 5311850 / +31 653301448
E-Mail: info@beukeboom-partijenhandel.nl

We are a trading company specializing in purchase and sale of batch and complete estates, mainly from overstock, bankruptcies, debt and seizures have been for thirty years a reliable partner for trustees, banks, appraisers, manufacturers, auction and retail chains etc.



Contact information
Tel: +31 573 450 400
E-Mail: info@bigstocklots.com

Bigstocklots.com is a young and dynamic company, part of ‘Handelsonderneming Chiel Meekes BV’. In September 2009 we moved our warehouse to Ruurlo, De Venterkamp 3 and 8. Here we had a warehouse of about 7.000 square meters. In 2015 we moved to Eibergen, De Kiefteweg 1B. We now have a warehouse of more than 11.000 square meters with a Cash And Carry of 2.000 square meters! From here we deliver to numerous customers all around the world.

Bigstocklots.com is an official stocklot dealer from the PTMD Collection.


Bij De Groothandel

Contact information
Tel: +32 (0)89 61 51 25
E-Mail: info@bijdegroothandel.com

Bij De Groothandel specializes in buying and selling stocklots worldwide. Having warehouses in Belgium, Hong Kong and China, Bij De Groothandel stays innovative and flexible and guarantees the best service. They offer a wide range of household products but also specialize in big parties of toys, decoration etc. , all of them branded.  Clearance of stock? Do not hesitate to contact Bij De Groothandel!



Contact information
Tel: +49 221 962 655 75
E-Mail: info@bima-medien.de

Based in Cologne, we are specialized in the sale of books, gifts, toys, decorative items and much more.


Branded Toys Stocklots

Contact information
Tel: +48 505 4553 45


Bulls Trading

Contact information
Tel: +32 477 201 573
E-mail: dirk@worldofwine.be



Contact information
Tel: +33 143 523 432
E-Mail: info@chamylinex.com

Wholesaler in brand toiletries and detergents. Brands : Ariel, Dove, Nivea, etc.


Clothes Stocklots

Contact information
Tel: +31 342 462860
Fax: +31 342 461635
E-Mail: info@clothes-stocklots.com

We are a Netherlands-based wholesale trader in Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s clothing, shoes, accessories, home textiles, towels and others. Our warehouse is located in Terschuur, The Netherlands.
We sell by the carton, pallet, and truckload. Anything offered is available for inspection prior to purchasing.
Please feel free to visit us in our showroom and warehouses to take a look at the products we offer. Please inform us of the products you are interested in, we will send you the product details and quotations.


Daily Trading

Contact information
Tel:+32 475 95 78 65
E-Mail: daily-trading@skynet.be 

Daily Trading is a Belgium wholesaler selling several products including gifts, toys and Household wares. 


Decostar B.V.

Contact information
Tel: +31 55 540 30 24
E-Mail: info@decostar.nl

Decostar offers you a broad range of home accessories not only for your living room, kitchen and bathroom but also for your garden and terrace. The composition of this unique and complete concept is based on the latest trends such as a country atmosphere with more colour and various patterns. Have a look in our showroom and find out now what is going to be trendy. Contact us to make an appointment either in our showroom.


Devan Group SA

Contact information
Tel: +32 2331 31 40
Fax: +32 2331 31 38
E-Mail: info@devangroup.be

The Devan group has 15 years of experience on the international market of stock sales and is importer and exporter of merchandise with a solid reputation on the European market and far beyond.


Dino Trading BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 55 54 000 40
E-Mail: bastiaan@dinotrading.nl

Dino Trading is specialized in plush toys, soccer, football, small presents, toys and give a ways. Their huge collection includes the following license articles: Disney Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Minions, Teletubbies, Hello Kitty, Bob the Builder, Dora, Thomas the Train, Care Bears, Toy Story 3 and Shrek!


Dune Bleue

Contact information
Tel: +35 1911 9930 56
E-Mail: rosamaria@dunebleue.com

We are an exporter of socks from Portugal. All type of socks for men and ladies.



Contact information
Tel: +39 052 359 3636
E-Mail: riccardo@eljte.it

Eljte is, since more than twenty years, a solid reality in business gift sector, sport awards and gifts.
Eljte boasts a wide range of products of silver plated and metal objects in constant renewal.
Thanks to a real availability of 10.000 pcs in prompt deliveryEljte is able to satisfy any orders within 24/48 hours.


Europ Trading Market

Contact information
Tel: +33 134 04 76 16
E-Mail: benedicte@e-t-m.fr

Undisputed leading specialist distributor in trading activity, the company Europ Trading Market is specialized in dealing branded products that come from manufacturers or companies whom make stocklot. Our company is good at buying FMCG products. These products are often in end of life or come from companies whom need to sell off their stock (overstock, unsold goods, packaging modification). Since 1987, our reputation for excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and our extensive product range has led to strong business relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, traders and retail groups across the globe.


Famous Brands Creation

Contact information
Tel: +48 869 096 9939
E-Mail: zl@famousbrands.biz


Fernway Limited

Contact information
Tel: +44-1132451617
E-Mail: elliot@fernwayltd.co.uk

Fernway Ltd has been in business for over 20 years specialising in supplying the retail markets in both the UK and Europe with clearance merchandise covering all categories of branded and non branded Items.


France Invendus

Contact information
Tel: +33 (0)2 44 72 81 29
E-Mail: barbara.Nguyen@france-invendus.com

We are an international wholesaler for professionals specialized in opportunities and great deals. Our products come from Europe, Asia and America and are coming to us for reasons like: packaging chance, order cancellation, overstocks, etc. Our 25 sales people offer you any kind of products, from food to clothes, from HPC to toys or electronic goods.
We offer great new deals on a daily basis. We have a strong logistic force of 10 platforms in France. Our customers make their payment to use in advance before departure of the goods. Our dedicated transport department help our customers to get very competitive prices.


Frank v/d Wijgert

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)6 53642825
E-Mail: f.vd.wijgert@zonnet.nl

You are at the right address by us for all large and small parties for everyone, both business and private. Keep an eye on our range regularly, this will be updated weekly and modified.


FSH Logistics

Contact information
Tel: +49 2645 9771 427
E-Mail: s.heimbuch@fsh-logistics.de

We are a flexible company with a great mix of products from different ranges of non-food items. Due to our long experience in importing products and long term cooperations with our suppliers, we can offer you good quality products for competitive prices! A wide range of tools as well as a big assortment of hometextiles is part of our main products. Gardening and Camping Items as well as office supplies and Seasonal items like Christmas or Outdoorseason products make our range of products perfect.



Contact information
Tel:  0031 (0)485 36 26 26
E-Mail: info@hahebo.nl

Hahebo always offers you a wide range of stocklots, remaining inventory and goods from bankruptcies. The products we offer are usually one-shot deal. Hahebo sells new goods in large quantity to companies, traders, market vendors and other resellers. Products we offer are in stock and have immediate delivery. You can find our stock offer not only online on our website, but you can also see it during a visit to our showroom in Beugen (Netherlands) or Ankum (Germany). 


Handelsonderneming Landsmeer

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)611 332 107
E-Mail: bart@ho-landsmeer.nl

Partijgoederen, stocklots, restposten.


Hanse Trading GmbH

Contact information
Tel: +49 172 5310 346
E-Mail: wolski@hansetrading.de

We are a committed team capable of reacting and making decisions quickly. Being located in Trittau (near Hamburg) we have very good contacts to the Port of Hamburg. We are the people to contact when businesses are closed down or there are changeovers in product ranges for business reasons. Due to our good contacts, we can handle a wide range of products. With our diversified sales area in the wholesale and retail trade, we can take on large quantities of goods. Of course, we also buy small lots/stocks of goods. We are also represented at many fairs and exhibitions.


Heathside Trading Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 7850 4059 37
E-Mail: robert@re-market.co.uk

Heathside Trading Ltd specialises in the purchase and sale of branded clearance merchandise of all descriptions.
Our stock is warehoused in Burnley in Lancashire, in a fully racked modern storage facility.
We can undertake simple labelling and assorting tasks at the buyers expense.
All export orders are on an ex-warehouse basis.
We have tried to give as much information as possible on the site but if you require more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hokus Pokus

Contact information
Tel: +49 (0)4551 93011
E-Mail: info@hokus-pokus.com 

Since the opening in 1993, we have continually adapted to the expansion of the market. Our assortment contains: personal hygiene items, garden accessories, fabrics and textiles, gifts, electronics, housewares, toys and much more!


Hovemint Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 161 839 3565
E-Mail: info@hovemint.com

Hovemint Ltd is a B2B, Residual Stock Clearance company. We have over 40 years experience in the buying and selling of both branded and unbranded, fast moving consumer goods.



Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)13 4685580
Fax: +31 (0)13 4633863
E-Mail: info@pbholding.nl 

Trading company J. Joosten since 1980 one well-known adress.Renowned for buying, among other things: excess stocks/Stocklots/Stock from bankrupcies/Real estateCommercial properties

The benefits of doing business with trading company J. Joosten are the following:

  • We act swiftly, correctly and, if preferred, in cash
  • We can collect the products within 24 to 48 hours.Goods we purchase are, for instance: Clothing/Shoes/Home appliances/Toys/Stocklots/Food/Excess stocks of any kind.


Klyne and Klyne LTD

Contact information
Tel: +44 161 702 5050
E-Mail: issaac@theklynegroup.com

Klyne & Klyne specialise in providing heavily branded consumer merchandise in the DIY, Household, Gardening and related sectors at promotional prices. We are able to provide our customers with an ever-changing portfolio of special offers from top brands to increase footfall in their stores and provide value for their customers. With over 30 years in the industry and a global presence in over 45 countries we understand and accommodate the needs of our customers.


Kooistra.com BV.

Contact informatie
Tel: +31 -58 203 00 88
E-Mail: info@kooistra.com

Kooistra.com is an international company specializing in buying and selling of stocklots in all industries. Mainly bankruptcies, surpluses, sample collections, damaged goods, returns, B-choice items, goods with packaging changes and complete store inventory. Stocklots of household items, toys, tools, decorations, food, shoes & clothing, etc. Our sales ranges from chain stores, market traders to export traders.


Licensed Products

Contact information
Tel: +31 6 537 188 79
E-Mail: sales@licensedproducts.nl



Contact information
Tel: ++48 784 917 412
E-Mail: krzysiek@twoj-importer.pl

Maxx 10 Group is a European company engaged in the purchase and sale of stocklots. They purchase and sale stocklots for over 12 years. Maxx 10 Group purchases liquidation goods, stocklots, etc. and they supply the largest retail chains in Europe. They also export to Africa. Contact us for the purpose of sale or purchase of stocks. We are interested in branded products, returns, non-food products.


MD Home Electro

Contact information
Tel: +32 2425 4915
E-Mail: Mustafa@unicom.be

MD is a newborn electrical home appliances brand headquartered in Brussels / BELGIUM. Its aim is to bring innovation and practicality to its consumer’s home.

All MD products are being selected according to latest trends and technology. We are putting our work in order to make our consumers life much easier and comfortable.
MD offers an extensive variety of home appliances such as multi-cookers, grills, coffee machines, juicers, blenders, etc. The best quality at affordable prices is the way MD is going towards.
With its international quality certificates, dynamic sales team and fair exhibitions, MD is aiming to make itself known and reach higher at every step.



Contact information
Tel: 0049 171 476 0613
E-Mail: mehako@aol.com

Come – See – Buy

  • Stocks of all kinds
  • Constantly new goods
  • Warehouse with C&C system for your quick and easy purchase
  • Top prices for top goods
  • Purchase and sale of goods from overstocks, liquidations, bankruptcies, as other various stocks

Please understand that we do not send out offers for our goods in stock.


Mesa Products International BV

Contact information:
Tel: +31 314 332816(2)
E-Mail: melvin@mesa-products.com

Mesa Products International BV is a diversified wholesale company focused on cleaning, kitchenware and tools. The collection will find her way to the customers by a reputable retail network, direct response television networks, teleshopping and mail-order companies.

Our brand  Enrico consists of a wide assortment of clever kitchen tools like ceramic frying pans, salad makers, salad graters, mandolins, choppers and more. The M-line by Enrico is our newest brand. This collection contains  products with a plug like halogen ovens,  food processors, slow juicers, etc.

Our Aqua Laser brand consists of products for each cleaning activity. Products like floor steamers, hand steamer, carpet cleaner, steam iron, vacuum cleaners and more. Mannsberger is a brand with tools for gardening and tools for the ‘Do it yourself’ men and woman.


Orsera Trading

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0) 342 460 000
E-Mail: info@orseratrading.com

ORSERA Trading has many years of experience in the field of purchasing and selling stocklots, in the industry of promotional products. You are welcome to visit our showroom in Barneveld (the Netherlands) or visit us at Fairs in Europe.



Contact information
Tel: +31 655 711 490
E-Mail: powercomster@gmail.com

Powercom is a company that is specialized in stocklots and wholesale. We purchase stocklots/goods from various categories, in particular office supplies.


Redirect Marketing Ltd

Contact information
Tel: +44 7766 000 466

Redirect Marketing offers a twofold approach, New Product Development and also buying and the discrete re-marketing of Overstocks, Distressed, Surplus and End of Line Inventory.


ReGoed BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 6 22 92 47 80
E-Mail: ybouchikhi@regoed.nl

ReGoed is a trading company that trades in different batches of products. The organization is known for its cheap and competitive offers. The company is located in the Netherlands and trades internationally. The organization consists of employees who focus on providing quality products for the lowest possible price. We are a company that is always trying to expand our business and we are always open to negotiations and building a business relationship.



Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)299 434 447
E-Mail: info@remalux.nl

Remalux B.V. is an International trading company which trades since it’s establishment in 1984 with more than 10.000 different types of consumer products.
Our product groups include household items, electrical appliances, electronica, tools, gifts, travel articles, decorative articles, TV items, gadgets.
Headquartered in the Netherlands, with a storage capacity of 12,000 Pallets, we are able to deliver directly from our own stock. We offer additionally a “custom made” delivery. Experience it yourself.


Robivo Trading

Contact information
Tel: +31 6 4443 8887 / +31 6 2442 4420
E-Mail: info@robivotrading.nl

Robivo Trading B.V. is a young Dutch wholesale company, specialized in stocklots and situated on Amentstraat 17A in Stramproy. We welcome you 24/7, online and at our warehouse with showroom. Our stock is constantly changing so keep watching us online or subscribe for our newsletter for all the updates on the products you are looking for.


Sacha Destock

Contact information
Tel: +32 13 55 63 07
E-Mail: deboes.gaetan@wanadoo.fr

Destocking in hygiëne-entretien-cosmetique.

Situaded in the North of France.
We destock products of very big French sign (brand).



Contact information
Tel: +31 040 291 1232
E-Mail: w.wanrooy@shellton.nl

Shellton Food Products offers a wide and comprehensive range of responsible food products that perfectly match the ever-changing consumer demand.

In addition to dairy, meat and fish, we offer a range of products in our new segment of beverages, in which we are currently launching, among other things, ‘Elixer Mixer’. This is a drink with 5 flavours with a good taste that has positive effects on the body. So, we offer an excellent healthy choice in a trendy jacket for a very wide audience. Check for more details and information the website: www.elixermixer.com.


Skokart SRL

Contact information
Tel: +39 0815108125
E-Mail: skokartsrl@outlook.it

Skokart srl is an italian importer and wholesaler company for school, stationery and office items plus Christmas and seasonal decorations items as well.

Our company is based in Italy since 1985 and is become a professional partner for several relevant customers in Italy.


Steal a Deal

Contact information:
Tel: +44 (0)161 654 7738
E-Mail: info@stealadeal.co.uk

Steal A Deal Ltd is a clearance specialist, specialising in home, Toys, Gifts & Electricals from leading brands, trade visitors can expect to find some great items at great prices.


Stocklots.com: the online trading platform

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)58 20 30 035
E-Mail: sales@stocklots.com

Stocklots.com is the online B2B trading platform where companies from all over the world buy and sell stocklots!

Why Stocklots.com:

  • Stocklots only, 24/7
  • Worldwide network
  • Branded goods
  • Rock-bottom prices
  • Free registration



Contact information
Tel: +333 21 44 49 98
E-mail: contact@stockover.com

Stockover is a French wholesaler situated near Lille and the Belgian border. We are specialized in the trade of overproduction and leftovers. We buy and sell surplus goods from destockage, liquidation or end of stock. Stockover offers a wide range of products in DIY, hygiene & beauty, house & decoration, textile & footwear and more…
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product groups: Toys, Clothing and Shoes, Health, Electronics, Tableware, Tools, And more


S & G Sonderposten GbR Groß & Einzelhandel

Contact information
Tel: +49 212 645 276 10
E-Mail: nonfoodsolingen@web.de

Our company has been specializing in the trade of high-quality brands for many years. In our assortment you will find toys, electronic tools, household goods, textiles, lamp and much more. We only deal with new products. We sell small amounts of products but also whole truckloads.


Timeless Trading

Contact information
Tel: +971 56 877 5788
E-mail: jeroen@timelesstradingbv.com

Our company has been specializing in the trade of high-quality brands for many years. In our assortment you will find toys, electronic tools, household goods, textiles, lamp and much more. We only deal with new products. We sell small amounts of products but also whole truckloads.


Trolley ADC

Contact information
Tel: +33 760 431 964
E-Mail: itp1326@hotmail.com

Trolley ADC is a brand based in France specializing in Baggage, we offer a wide range of products with excellent value for money. We can deliver in all Europe and more on request.


United Brands LTD

Contact information
Tel: +44 (0) 113 218 8800
E-Mail: enquiries@unitedbrandsltd.co.uk

United Brands has been successfully trading since 2009, when the directors combined their 40+ years of experience to become market leaders, globally purchasing and distributing end of lines and closeouts.
Our strong and dynamic reputation as one of Europe’s leading Clearance Specialists is a result of years of trading with major international brands and quality merchandise.
The company’s business partners stretch across five continents, purchasing goods ranging from homewares, toys, giftware, health and beauty, and everything in between.


Vadebo Cards BVBA

Contact information
Tel: +32 478 345 251
E-Mail: info@vadebocards.com

Vadebo Cards is a Belgian editor and wholesaler in luxury greeting cards. The family company is run by father and son and hopefully by more generations to come! We’re currently exporting our products to several countries, such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, Scandinavia, etc… In our own graphics studio we design several original greeting cards such as: “Maxis”  “Jumbos”  “Glitter” “ Panoramic”, “Application cards”, as well as “low budget cards”. Make your own selection from our designs, with your own text, codes and logos. Our printruns start from 500 sheets.



Contact information
Tel: +31 6461 2481 4
E-Mail: groep@verduin.eu

We are a reputable trading company specialized in the sale and purchase of stocklots, surpluses, B-choice articles, bankruptcy, liquidation, etcetera. Our customers include market vendors, retailers, chain stores and trading companies, domestic and foreign.


Victory Couture

Contact information
Tel: +48 668 267 907
E-Mail: victorycouture.office@gmail.com

We are company from Poland, which produces and distributes cosmetics (mostly perfumes) but also buy and sell stocks of many different brands. Our products are appreciated all over the world due to good quality and low prices.

We are open for any cooperation with wholesalers or cosmetics producers.



Contact information
Tel:+31 (0)40 78 200 80
E-mail: info@westocklots.com

Westocklots.com is a stock clearance company operating in the Netherlands. We sell all kind of consumer goods such as electronics, fashion, personal care, smartphone and tablet accessories, theme products and gadgets.

Ready for high converting sales in both on- and offline retail channels. We purchase consumer goods from leading European brand holders, manufacturers and distributors in order to supply ou European customers in the (online) retail.



Contact information
Tel: +31 612 053 103
E-Mail: info@stocklots-restposten.eu

Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to purchase on a large scale. We are specialized in stocklots, overstocks, B-choice products, bankruptcy goods, etc.

We buy and sell products like: decorative articles, tools, household, gift items, drugstore items, toys, textiles, shoes, lightning, gardening tools, sport items, etc.


Wiljan VOF

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)6 252 602 02
E-Mail: niels@wiljan.nl

Wiljan is a Dutch wholesale company specializing in floristry, gift items, seasonal products and decoration items.



Contact information
Tel: 0046733702423
E-Mail: seble@yabelo.com

Yabelo is a Swedish online B2B wholesaler and distributor of authentic brand fashion, shoes and accessories. Our company deals only with A grade overstock, liquidation and clearance of European and American brands.


Yücel Trading

Contact information
Tel: +49 157 3518 7656
E-Mail: a.yuecel@postenland.de

Since 1996 Yücel Trading is specialized in the wholesale of stocklots and returned goods. Thanks to a sophisticated sales strategy, we maintain our position as a solid and growth-oriented company.



Contact information
Tel: +32 69 22 56 53
E-Mail: sales@zons.be

Belgium Wholesaler & Importer of home decoration and Furniture.
You Can visit our showroom in our office address or see our catalogue in our website.


Zweiburg GmbH

Contact information
E-Mail: bartsch@zweiburg.de
Tel: +49 (0)172 409 1271

Since 1997 we have busied ourselves intensively with the marketing of special out of a wide product range. We began with the reselling of the return items from the mail order and we have today an engaged team with fast action and decision capacity.
Overhangs, false productions, insurance damage, insolvencies, return items, etc. etc., or simple warehouse adjustments we buy and sell, is our core business.
Obviously we buy / or mediate also smaller numbers of supply. Little quantities find the way into our characteristics branches or into the warehouse sales / internet-shop, larger quantities hike into our wholesale trade or export.


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