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NEW: VIP Package

by Froukje in General

Are you looking to sell your stocklots?

Eurotrade Fair comes with something NEW!

Increase you sales and your (international) brand awareness! vip logo websiteYou can now become a real VIP member of the Eurotrade Fair! How? Sign in for at least 3 trade fairs and you will already enjoy exclusive benefits!

What does the VIP package include

  • Flyer promotion

    Your flyers in our give away promo bags at the trade fairs

  • LCD screens

    Your logo and company name on our large LCD screens during the fair (only in Eindhoven)

  • Your products in the spotlights

    At the central located catering area, we will create a few presentation pillars to bring your products under even better attention. Everyone will see your product! (only in Eindhoven)

  • Banner on stocklots.com

    Increase your (international) brand awareness! You will receive a banner on the website Stocklots.com: the online trading platform for stocklots only. With a duration of 3 months

  • 3 Top Ads

    Increase the visibility of your advertisements on Stocklots.com. A Top Ad allows you to always appear on top of our pages (using the keywords of your ad) or categories 

Total package value: >€1000,-

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