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Help us support Project Namaste!

by Froukje in General

Project Namaste

Eurotrade Fair finds it important to be socially involved. That is why we regularly support small charities, where people we or one of our exhibitors know personally are involved and we know that every Euro is well spent. We hope that you will help us support the following charity!

“If nobody does anything, nothing ever happens”233

Bram & Rinnie are ambassador of Project Namaste. They raise money so Indonesian children can be operated on a cleft palate. They make sure the children can travel from Bali to Bram & Rinnie’s ‘hospital’ where they are being helped.

“It’s our duty to help other people”

If we are on holiday, we see it as our duty to help other people. We ourselves live in a prosperous country. We do not have to worry about anything, because everything is within reach. During our vacations we become aware of the bad situation of other people.-Bram & Rinnie de Groot (Project Namaste)

More about Project Namaste: www.projectnamaste.nl

We have collected €865,-!

During the Eurotrade Fair we have collected €865,- for Project Namaste! You can still donate! With a donation, big or small, you can help the children in Indonesia and give them a future they deserve.

You can transfer your donation to: NL80 RABO 03204 95 442.
Name: A.de Groot, to the attention of: NAMASTE.

Thank you!


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