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How Kooistra.com is using Loodsverkoop to generate business

by Froukje in Eindhoven

img-2738-1    28795472_1233363983462545_2400715057211113472_o

28959018_1233365770129033_6758704341080604672_nFilled up shopping carts and lines of people at the checkout last week at the Loodsverkoop (warehouse sale). A few times a year Kooistra.com organizes the Loodsverkoop, a three day event where consumers get access to stocklots at wholesale prices.

This event creates the opportunity for Kooistra.com to reach out directly to the consumer. The benefits of this events is that customers get deals at the lowest prices and Kooistra.com sells remaining stocks to create space and revenue.

For more information go to loodsverkoop.nu or kooistra.com.


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Get a better price for your overstock

by Froukje in Blog, Eindhoven

Get a better price for your overstock

Is overstock blocking your warehouse and is this costing you money everyday? Do you already have a platform where you sell your overstock and do you want to expand that?

There are a lot of companies who sell their overstock to their regular stocklots trader in a discrete way. This is great when you want to make space fast and don’t want to put a whole lot of energy into the sales of your overstock. The only disadvantage is that one sales channel means one offer. Having only one offer leaves the possibility of missing out on better offers. There are other methods however to get better offers for  your overstock.

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Eurotrade Fairs in 2018

by Froukje in General

xmassEurotrade Fair 2018 – New year, New opportunities

Not only at home but also at work Christmas can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Like here at the office of Eurotrade Fair!

Team Eurotrade Fair is busy preparing the trade shows for next year. Curious when these shows take place? With pleasure we present to you the dates for next year:

Year 2018:

  • 7 & 8 February 2018 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven
  • 20 & 21 June 2018 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven
  • 29 & 30 August 2018 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven
  • 6 & 7 November 2018 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven

You can already order your free ticket for the Eurotrade Fair on 7 & 8 February 2018 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands:



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How big retailers are using stocklots to make a profit

by Froukje in Eindhoven

How big retailers are using stocklots to make a profitcoins-1503530

Do you want to know the succes of big retailers using stocklots? read all about it in this article and how you can apply this to your store.

The main focus stores

These are the stores that mainly focus on selling stocklots. These are stores like Op=Op Voordeelshop (Netherlands), TK Maxx (Germany) or Poundland (United Kingdom). Their products are sold at lower prices and their stock is always changing.

That this concept actually works is proven by the growth of Op=Op Voordeelshop. On their website they state to own 135 stores in the netherlands. They have grown to these 135 stores in a time span of only 20 years. The brains behind TK Maxx is TJX a worldwide organization with stores like TK Maxx everywhere is also planning a growth in stores. They are predicting a long term growth of 500 stores with opening 45 new stores this year. England’s Poundland is also showing a continuing growth in their history. There are now almost 900 stores in England and Ireland.


When looking at the formulas of these three stores there is a lot of growth over the last few years. At a closer look they have these things in common:

  • Their stock is always changing
  • High quality products
  • Affordable prices

candy-racks-1329846Stocklots fit perfectly in this formula because they are always changing which means there is always a new product in your store.

They are often the result of factories overproducing and are the same quality as the other products. When buying these products at a lower price it leaves a nice profit margin as well.

So if you want to try out using stocklots for your store, come and take a look at our fair to see which products are available. Get your tickets here for our next fair on 7 & 8 February in Eindhoven.



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Things you can do to boost your sales in the new year

by Froukje in Eindhoven

Are you also having trouble with a drop in sales in the first months of the new year? We’ve discovered that when you Google boosting sales after christmas you will find numerous articles that sum up ideas on how to boost your sales. You should definitely check out a few of them, they are worth the read. However the tips and list those articles give are very broad and not always applied to your store. That’s why we’ve made you the following checklist for increasing those sales.

Step 1: Know your customer

You probably already got this one mastered but we really mean why aren’t they coming in the months after the holidays.
This reason is different for every retailer and that’s why you should define it at the start of this process so you can direct your research to that specific reason.

Step 2: Do the researchmicroscope-1197557-1

Ask them, find out in person what it would take to get them to visit more. Also take out your textbooks, magazines or Google to find out how you could target your customers to visit your store in January. Like we mentioned before there are tons of great articles about how to increase sales after Christmas.

Step 3: Find the right productslens-1427469

Of course you’ll find most tips and ideas are about offering a sale for your customer. Your customer has probably spend too much money during the holidays and wants to save a little money in the following months.

When having a sale the money doesn’t necessarily have to come out of your own pocket. You should try using stocklots as sale products and still keep a nice profit margin. Read our article about how here.

Visit the Eurotrade Fair on 7 & 8 November to see the stocklots and meet the sellers in person. Get your free tickets here.


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How you could benefit from the experience of stocklots traders

by Froukje in Eindhoven

How you could benefit from the experience of stocklots traders

Why is experience always so important? Read more to learn about why experience is important when buying stocklots. In the september edition of Marktvisie there’s an article about buying and selling stocklots. The article is about the decline in marketplace owners as buyers of these products. They interviewed two stocklots traders for this article. You can check out the article here. These traders know everything about the business and know how to get the best deal and here’s how you can profit from it.


When it comes to stocklots Kooistra.com is always interesting. With 40 years of experience they are ably to buy products from the most diverse sectors in small or large volumes. Because of this you are able to buy cheap products for your store. If you have a business that has one or multiple product groups Kooistra.com has a range of products to choose from for your store. You could use this to get yourself a nice profit and offer more variation to your customer.
Take a look at Kooistra.com here



Young and dynamic is the best way to describe Partijgroothandel.nl. They started on the marketplace selling stocklots and in the meantime their warehouse just kept on growing. They are a fast growing company that focuses on buying and selling bulk commodities. This makes it possible for you to buy at low prices and in different volumes. This gives you the change to surprise your customer with new products every time they visit.
Take a look at Partijgroothandel.nl here

If you’re interested in meeting one of these stocklots traders, you could meet them at our fair and several others on the same day. Get your free tickets to our fair on 7 & 8 November and meet them in person.



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Why you should use stocklots for your store to increase sales

by Froukje in Eindhoven

Why you should use stocklots for your store to increase salesgoing-green-pays-off-1236700

Are you having trouble getting customers to your store? Or do you want to increase your profit margin?
Then read this article to learn about the many uses of stocklots to increase your sales.

Stocklots are the result of factories overproducing, bankruptcies, slow moving products and more. They want to sell the products because having storage costs money and selling also creates room for other/new products. This is why they are available at low prices.


Attracting customers to your store with stocklotstag-icon-set-1306363

Stocklots are cheap and available in different volumes. Buying stocklots at cheap prices and selling them at low prices draws customers to your stores. Offering stocklots in your store means that your stock will change and surprise your customer every time they visit your store.

Which will result in them visiting your store more often. Stores like Poundland, Op=Op Voordeelshop and TK-maxx already use stocklots to keep a new and refreshing stock for their stores.

The same benefit is also great to use for a webshop. Just by selling the product online leads to traffic to your webshop. This boost of traffic can be used to increase the sales of other products as well as creating your brand.

dollars-and-cents-2-1239246Buy low and sell high

Because of stocklots being available at bottom prices you could make a great profit from them. When using stocklots as a special offer to attract customers you can still make a profit from them. Just take a look at a few big retailers nearby you who are able to offer brand products for low prices.

It gets interesting when you sell the products at just below the normal prices. The low prices leaves you a chance to get higher profit margins.

Increasing your sales 

In conclusion by using stocklots you could give yourself a boost in sales by attracting more customers, selling more products per visit and getting higher profit margins.

Do you want to know how to choose from a wide selection of available stocklots? Take a look online at stocklots.com or visit the Eurotrade Fair on 7&8 November to see the stocklots and meet the sellers in person. Get your free tickets here.


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How Companies are using trade fairs to increase sales

by Froukje in Eindhoven

How companies are using trade fairs to increase their sales


Do you find it difficult to reach new customers? Or to get customers to visit
your showroom? Keep reading to find out how trade fairs could help you.

They will come to you

Change it up and let the customers come to you. Save yourself the time and
costs of visiting all these customers and meet up with them at a trade fair. You
have the benefit of talking face-to- face and showing off your products. This
makes a trade fair an effective way to increase your sales.

Direct orders

Buyers go to a trade fair with the exact goal of buying their products on the
spot. A completely different approach, than when you go visit them. Research
by Eurotrade Fair, an international trade fair for FMCG, shows that 85% of
the visitors are authorised to make purchasing decisions and place direct
orders. This increases your chances of getting an order right at the fair and
increasing your sales.

Maintaining relationships with your customers and meet new

At a fair you get the opportunity to invite and meet with your current
customers. In a time where most business is done by phone or email, you
would almost forget how important it is to meet your customers in person. It
also gives you the chance to meet with potential or new customers, without
having to do the research and cold acquisition.

170614-eurotrade-ehv-gfw17039Eurotrade Fair

A good example of a trade fair providing all of the above is the Eurotrade Fair.
An international trade fair for stocklots of FMCG in Eindhoven, The
Netherlands. At this fair companies from over 10 different countries present
their products to buyers from over 40 different countries. Every show is
characterized by personal contact in an open atmosphere, which results in
new contacts and direct orders for its exhibitors.



Curious what they can do for your business? Get in touch with them now or
find more information here.
Eurotrade Fair
T +31-58- 2030030
E info@eurotradefair.nl

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Try & Win – Congratulations winners!

by Froukje in Eindhoven

Try & Win – Congratulations winners!

Thank you for visiting the 36th edition of Eurotrade Fair in Eindhoven! We hope you had a great fair and that we will see you again in Eindhoven on the 6th & 7th of September!

At the 2nd fair day we gave away great prizes! Each visitor got a key at the entrance. At 2PM everyone could try their key on the lockers and could win great prizes! We gave away an Audi S8 Plus for a weekend, a brand new iPad, a FitBit, bottle of wine & more!

Couldn’t visit us on the 14th and 15th of June? Come visit us on Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th of September, meet Europe’s largest stocklots wholesalers and win great prizes!

Free tickets can be ordered here


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Photos Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven June online

by Froukje in Eindhoven

Feel the atmosphere | Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven

It was a great 36th edition and we would like to thank you all for that! We had a great time and we hope you too.

Couldn’t make it to the fair this time? No worries, check out the photos and feel the atmosphere of this unique trading event:


Curious which exhibitors were at the Eurotrade Fair in Eindhoven? Click here for the exhibitors list and find all the information about the exhibitors.

Next Eurotrade Fair: 6 & 7 September 2017, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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