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Things you can do to boost your sales in the new year

by Froukje in Unkategorisiert

Are you also having trouble with a drop in sales in the first months of the new year? We’ve discovered that when you Google boosting sales after christmas you will find numerous articles that sum up ideas on how to boost your sales. You should definitely check out a few of them, they are worth the read. However the tips and list those articles give are very broad and not always applied to your store. That’s why we’ve made you the following checklist for increasing those sales.

Step 1: Know your customer

You probably already got this one mastered but we really mean why aren’t they coming in the months after the holidays.
This reason is different for every retailer and that’s why you should define it at the start of this process so you can direct your research to that specific reason.

Step 2: Do the researchmicroscope-1197557-1

Ask them, find out in person what it would take to get them to visit more. Also take out your textbooks, magazines or Google to find out how you could target your customers to visit your store in January. Like we mentioned before there are tons of great articles about how to increase sales after Christmas.

Step 3: Find the right productslens-1427469

Of course you’ll find most tips and ideas are about offering a sale for your customer. Your customer has probably spend too much money during the holidays and wants to save a little money in the following months.

When having a sale the money doesn’t necessarily have to come out of your own pocket. You should try using stocklots as sale products and still keep a nice profit margin. Read our article about how here.

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