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Service Best International

The company Service Best International BV was founded in 1954, as a wholesaler carrying accessories for automobiles, bikes and motorcycles which grew over the years into an international company which has thousands of customers around the world. A cleverly thought out product range with more than 10,000 products is supplied to wholesalers, retailers and do-it-yourself chains. On the basis of this, Service Best International is a leading player on the market.

New trends: Service Best International was the first in its field to develop a complete product range on the basis of a thought out brand identity: all packaging is made in accordance with our own graphic design, created by a style guide, which is produced for the given brand. On account of this, the brand is easily identified and has a uniform appearance.

No worries: Service Best International offers a modern program called Spaceman which enables you to create the “tailor-made” concept. The Trade marketing department and Sales support (Merchandising) department completely devote themselves to the development of consultancy in the fields of management, product ranges and the displaying of products. The layout of shelving for the product line is custom-designed, allowing you to achieve a greater profitability per m2. Through utilizing this service, your product line and its display will be optimal, and what’s more effort free.

Building brands: Service Best International became a large company on the basis of its own brands with strong identities. Thanks to a clear and strong position on the market, monitoring trends, conceptual thinking and thanks to its understanding of the whole chain, the brands have become concepts.

It happened this way with our own brands, but it can also be accomplished with fancy and private brands.

Made-to-order organization: Best Service International offers the perfect custom-made solution for individual stores to large chains.

Quality: The best price-quality ratio is guaranteed on the basis of around the clock quality controls and the carrying out of safety tests.

Service Best International is active around the whole world in more than forty countries with a carefully put together and always up-to-date product line. Sophisticated marketing instruments, planograms and sales consultancy help Service Best International and propel them toward increasing your sales profits. In addition to their own brands, Service Best International is also a worldwide distributor of many leading brands.

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