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Hädicke Die Kerzenmanufaktur


About 30 years ago we were one of the first companies to start the production of scented candles. We are constantly working on expanding and improving the quality of our raw materials and on modernising our production so that we have developed a unique selection of beautifully scented candles. About ten years ago we started to produce jelly candles at the same high quality level.

The import of candles increased constantly. A close cooperation with our foreign suppliers and the influence of our own ideas made us create an interesting, exceptional range of products, which also includes an assortment of high-quality perfume oils, natural oils and incense sticks, as well as many complimentary items related to “scent and candle”.

Especially for candles as promotional items, e.g. for events or as give-aways, we are an ideal partner for our customers. On the one hand we have our own production, on the other hand we have excellent partners in Far East so that we are able to act in a very flexible and individual way.


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