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by Froukje in Allgemein

Last months we have worked very hard to optimize and improve our online trading platform for stocklots (tradefloor). This has resulted in a new name, new logo, improved usability and professional appearance!

Our unique online trading platform now goes with the name: STOCKLOTS.COM, and can be recognized by the following logo:

stocklots.com logo

Stocklots.com is the online trading platform where retailers, wholesalers, dealers and producers meet with customers from all over the world.

Why Stocklots.com?

  • Stocklots only, 24/7
  • World-wide focus
  • Create brand awareness
  • Free registration

Discover the wide range of stocklots and branded goods, which are available for direct sales! All for rock bottom prices, only at Stocklots.com.

Interested in offering stocklots?
Try stocklots.com for free! Our free registration allows you to offer three advertisements. If you wish to increase your commercial experience and visibility on Stocklots.com, we are proposing packaged offers to answer your needs.


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