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How big retailers are using stocklots to make a profit

by Froukje in Algemeen

How big retailers are using stocklots to make a profitcoins-1503530

Do you want to know the succes of big retailers using stocklots? read all about it in this article and how you can apply this to your store.

The main focus stores

These are the stores that mainly focus on selling stocklots. These are stores like Op=Op Voordeelshop (Netherlands), TK Maxx (Germany) or Poundland (United Kingdom). Their products are sold at lower prices and their stock is always changing.

That this concept actually works is proven by the growth of Op=Op Voordeelshop. On their website they state to own 135 stores in the netherlands. They have grown to these 135 stores in a time span of only 20 years. The brains behind TK Maxx is TJX a worldwide organization with stores like TK Maxx everywhere is also planning a growth in stores. They are predicting a long term growth of 500 stores with opening 45 new stores this year. England’s Poundland is also showing a continuing growth in their history. There are now almost 900 stores in England and Ireland.


When looking at the formulas of these three stores there is a lot of growth over the last few years. At a closer look they have these things in common:

  • Their stock is always changing
  • High quality products
  • Affordable prices

candy-racks-1329846Stocklots fit perfectly in this formula because they are always changing which means there is always a new product in your store.

They are often the result of factories overproducing and are the same quality as the other products. When buying these products at a lower price it leaves a nice profit margin as well.

So if you want to try out using stocklots for your store, come and take a look at our fair to see which products are available. Get your tickets here for our next fair on 7 & 8 February in Eindhoven.



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