Exhibitors list Eindhoven 10 &11 Februari 2016

4everyware Stocklots B.V.


Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)13 – 581 09 56
Fax: +31 (0)13 – 581 09 58
E-Mail: info@4everyware.nl

4Everyware Stocklots B.V. is an international importer and exporter of clearance stock. We have a rock-solid reputation built on more than 10 years of experience operating in the global market.
4Everyware Stocklots B.V. has established itself as a reliable and strong partner for customers and suppliers alike. At 4Everyware Stocklots B.V. we are dedicated to buying and selling professionally and efficiently, with a view to intensive long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.


Bahama Warenvertriebs GmbH

Bahama Warenvertriebs  logo (Custom)

The Berlin-based trading company specializes in the sale of gift, household appliances and electronic products.


Beukeboom Partijhandel

beukeboom logo (Custom)

Contact information:

Tel: +31 35 5311850
Tel: +31 653301448
E-Mail: info@beukeboom-partijenhandel.nl

We are a trading company specializing in purchase and sale of batch and complete estates, mainly from overstock, bankruptcies, debt and seizures have been for thirty years a reliable partner for trustees, banks, appraisers, manufacturers, auction and retail chains etc.




Contact information
Tel: +31 573 450 400
E-Mail: info@bigstocklots.com

Bigstocklots.com is a young and dynamic enterprise, a part of the ‘Handelsonderneming Chiel Meekes BV’.In September 2009 we moved our warehouse to our new location in Ruurlo, De Venterkamp 3 and 8. Here we have a warehouse of about 7000 square meters and a showroom of about 250 square meters. From here we deliver to numerous clients, all around the world. Bigstocklots is a dynamic enterprise that focus’ on the purchase and sales of large stocks.
Official Stocklot dealer from PTMD Collection.tc.


Clothes Stocklots

clothes stocklots logo

Contact information
Tel: +31 342 462860
Fax: +31 342 461635
E-Mail: info@clothes-stocklots.com

We are wholesale trader based in the Netherlands and trade in Mens, Womens and kids clothes, shoes, towels, table covers, military items, etc. All items( over 1,5 mln pieces) offered are directly available from our warehouse which is over 11.000sqm and based in Terschuur, Netherlands. Our prices are always ex warehouse and straight forward. The goods can be inspected at our warehouse and you are welcome to visit us and see all yourself, we do work on appointment.


CM Lassen A/S

Contact information
Tel: +45 206 40170 / +45 246 42474
E-Mail: info@cmlassen.dk

CM LASSEN A/S is a family company owned by Hans and his sons Morten and Christian Kjær Lassen. We are conveniently located on Snaremosegård in Erritsø, Fredericia. Denmark. We buy and sell cheap stocklots. Goods that have been really cheap for example, because it is a residue from the production, the goods have been going long on stock etc. So good products, which somehow has come to exceed, and sold at very cheap prices. We buy in large quantities and divide the goods into smaller lots. The 3000 m2 warehouse is often filled to the max, with cheap stocklots.


Daily Trading

daily trading

Contact information
Tel: +32 13 55 63 07
E-Mail: daily-trading@skynet.be 

Daily Trading is a Belgium wholesaler selling several products including gifts, toys and Household wares. 


Davro International ltd

Davro (Custom)

Contact information
Tel: 0044 161 660 9444
E-Mail: leah@davroint.com



Devan Group SA

devan logo

Contact information
Tel: +32 2331 31 40
Fax: +32 2331 31 38
E-Mail: info@devangroup.be

The Devan group has 15 years of experience on the international market of stock sales and is importer and exporter of merchandise with a solid reputation on the European market and far beyond.


Dias-Trade BV

Contact information
Tel: +31 613141505
E-Mail: paul@dias-trade.nl

DIAS-TRADE BV is a clearance wholesaler in all kind of products, such as, Household, DIY, toys, garden, luggage, Multi Media items and many more.
With over 35 years of experience your address to visit. We buy and sell small and large stocks worldwide.


Domino International

Domino logo

Contact information 
Tel: +43 6181 50355
E-Mail: krzysztof-frankiewicz@wp.pl


Fashion Deals Trading

Fashion deals trading

Contact information
Tel +31 252 348614
Mob +31 6 51185764

Fashiondealstrading is a Dutch whole sale company in branded shoe’s and branded textiles. Brands we provide directly from our 1500m2 warehouse are Nike-Adidas-K-Swiss- Palladium-Asics-Le Coq Sportif – New Balance – Helly Hansen – Superdry – Timberland – UGG – La Coste – Vans – Converse etc. etc. We are for many years already in the stocklot business and we have always over > 150.000 pcs on stock.


Frank v/d Wijgert

frank vd wijgert logo (Custom)

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)6 53642825
E-Mail: f.vd.wijgert@zonnet.nl

You are at the right address by us for all large and small parties for everyone, both business and private. Keep an eye on our range regularly, this will be updated weekly and modified.


Guy Darrells Trading LTD


Contact information
Tel: +44 203 188 3012
E-Mail: Geoffrey@guydarrells.co.uk



Our company purchases all types of consumer products that are surplus to your requirements. We make immediate decisions together with instant payment. All transactions are treated with the utmost confidentiality.
We supply clothing lines to Discount Stores, Market Traders, Ebayers, Carboot sellers, etc.




Contact information
Tel:  0031 (0)485 36 26 26
Fax:  0031 (0)485 36 20 33
E-Mail: info@hahebo.nl

Hahebo always offers you a wide range of stocklots, remaining inventory and goods from bankruptcies. The products we offer are usually one-shot deal. Hahebo sells new goods in large quantity to companies, traders, market vendors and other resellers. Products we offer are in stock and have immediate delivery. You can find our stock offer not only online on our website, but you can also see it during a visit to our showroom in Beugen (Netherlands) or Ankum (Germany). 



Hatex logo

Contact information
Tel: +49 02154 470 26 627
E-Mail: ferdi@hatex24.de

HATEX AS GmbH & Co.KG was founded in 1997. HATEX is a wholesale company that is engaged in the import and sale of household goods and textiles from the far East and Turkey. After intensive market research, HATEX AS GmbH & Co.KG has expanded their assortment. They also offer: Gifts, Bikes, Decorative articles, Suitcases, Trend articles. With more than 2,000 products we can offer our customers a wide range of products at a very competitive price.



HDM logo

Contact information
E-Mail: @sales@hdmitalia.com


We are a professional stock clearance company, providing services in Italy and worldwide, specializing in the acquisition of a broad range of products.

For years now, we have accumulated experience in the commercialization of products in barter. In particular buying and selling advertising space in various media on behalf of companies that invest in publicity and allows them to pay with products of their production / sales etc.

Our sales products, goods and services deriving from the operations of barter, give great customer quality and guarantee. We buy/sell Excess, Liquidation, Bankruptcy, End of Line, Receivership, Over-productions, Cancellations, Specification Changes and a lot more.


Heathside Trading Ltd

Heathside Trading Ltd

Heathside Trading Ltd specialises in the purchase and sale of branded clearance merchandise of all descriptions.
Our stock is warehoused in Burnley in Lancashire, in a fully racked modern storage facility.
We can undertake simple labelling and assorting tasks at the buyers expense.
All export orders are on an ex-warehouse basis.
We have tried to give as much information as possible on the site but if you require more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Hokus Pokus

hokus pokus logo

Contact information
Tel:  04551 – 93011
Fax: 04551 – 6081
E-Mail: info@hokus-pokus.com 

Since the opening in 1993, we have continually adapted to the expansion of the market. Our assortment contains: personal hygiene items, garden accessories, fabrics and textiles, gifts, electronics, housewares, toys and much more!


Holland Divani

Holland Divani

Contact information

E-Mail: kees@hollandivani.com


Hovemint Ltd

HOVEMINT logo (Custom)

Contact information
Tel: +44 161 839 3565
E-Mail: info@hovemint.com

Hovemint Ltd is a B2B, Residual Stock Clearance company. We have over 40 years experience in the buying and selling of both branded and unbranded, fast moving consumer goods.


Iron-Tech Srl

iron Tech (Custom)

Contact information
Tel: 0039 333 614 8777
E-Mail: info@iron-techsrl.com


IRON-TECH is a company specializing in commerce of goods come from bankrupt companies, liquidations and stocklots.
We purchase goods from various categories: industrial assets, machine tools,
vehicles, plastic stretch film, wine and much more. Visit our website: www.iron-techsrl.com



Italwear Stockitalwear logo nieuw (Custom)

Contact information
Tel: +39 0376 780101
E-Mail: info@italwear.it

Italwear’s is leader in collecting and selling stock, in Italy and all over the world, of products of various categories that include underwear, lingerie, clothing, household linens, accessories, body care and much more. We propose to our clients a vast range of premium quality goods at affordable prices; thanks to our weekly promotional offers we highlight the products of the moment in a transparent, simple and direct way, all over the world, and all year long.

Our stock website: www.stockitalwear.com

its all wear merken


J_Joosten logo

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)13 4685580
Fax: +31 (0)13 4633863
E-Mail: info@pbholding.nl 

Trading company J. Joosten since 1980 one well-known adress.Renowned for buying, among other things: excess stocks/Stocklots/Stock from bankrupcies/Real estateCommercial properties

The benefits of doing business with trading company J. Joosten are the following:

  • We act swiftly, correctly and, if preferred, in cash
  • We can collect the products within 24 to 48 hours.Goods we purchase are, for instance: Clothing/Shoes/Home appliances/Toys/Stocklots/Food/Excess stocks of any kind.


Kooistra.com BV.


Contact informatie
Tel: +31 -58 203 00 88
E-Mail: info@kooistra.com

Kooistra.com is an international company specializing in buying and selling of stocklots in all industries. Mainly bankruptcies, surpluses, sample collections, damaged goods, B-choice items, goods with packaging changes and complete store inventory. Stocklots of household items, toys, tools, decorations, food, shoes & clothing, etc. Our sales range from chain stores, market traders to export traders.



Grundllogo (Custom)

Contact informatie
Tel: +49 841 88 13 13 64
E-Mail: julia.hundsdorfer@maxgruendl.de

Gründl can trace back its history to the 1920s. The company was founded in Ingolstadt, where it is still located today. With its finger always on the pulse of time, the last ten years have seen the company’s consequent development as a specialized wholesaler for knitting yarns and haberdashery on an international level. Knitting is absolutely in, and so is wool. Knitwear fashion and extravagant designer pieces made from wool can be admired on catwalks all over the world.

Besides specialized retailers, we also supply wool wholesalers, wool shipping agents, department stores, special stock outlets, and well-known discounters, located both in Germany and in Europe.



Maxx logo (Custom)

Contact information
Tel: +48 784917496
E-Mail:  kuba@twoj-importer.pl

Maxx 10 Group is a European company engaged in the purchase and sale of stocklots. They purchase and sale stocklots for over 12 years. Maxx 10 Group purchases liquidation goods, stocklots, etc. and they supply the largest retail chains in Europe. They also export to Africa. Contact us for the purpose of sale or purchase of stocks. We are interested in branded products, returns, non-food products.


MM Products Ltd


Contact information
Tel: +44 156 677 4464
Fax: +44 156 677 4464
E-Mail: sales@trademill.co.uk


www.Trademill.co.uk are buyers and sellers of clothing stocklots.
We buy and sell large quantities of clothing stocklots. Our main customers are Exporters, importers, Distributors, wholesalers, chain stores, shops and entrepreneurs.
With our large network of international contacts we can move big stocks both in UK and internationally. Our main focus is providing high quality clothing at low prices with unrivalled service.



nesher (Custom)

Contact information
Tel: 0161 740 0909
Fax: 0161 795 8405
E-Mail: davidliberoff@nesher.co.uk

With 35 years of experience and connections in the trade, Nesher Ltd offers a wide range of clearance lines in jewelry and watches for a range of price-budgets, many from well known high-street brands.  Additionally we manufacture our own low-cost jewellery and watches under the brands of ‘The Olivia Collection’, ‘Relda’, and ‘Jakob Strauss’ and we are seeking agents to act as distributors across Europe for these ranges.



Orsera logo

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0) 342 460 000
Fax: +31 (0) 342 401 096
E-Mail: info@orseratrading.com

ORSERA Trading has many years of experience in the field of purchasing and selling stocklots, in the industry of promotional products. You are welcome to visit our showroom in Barneveld (the Netherlands) or visit us at Fairs in Europe.



powercom jpg

Contact information
E-Mail: powercomster@gmail.com

Powercom is a company that is specialized in stocklots and wholesale. We purchase stocklots/goods from various categories, in particular office supplies.


Redirect Marketing


Contact information
Tel: +44 7766 000 466
E-Mail: david.jack@redirectmktg.com

Redirect Marketing offers a twofold approach, New Product Development and also buying and the discrete re-marketing of Overstocks, Distressed, Surplus and End of Line Inventory.



remalux logo

Contact information
Tel: +31 (0)299 434 447
E-Mail: kevin@remalux.nl

Remalux B.V. is an International trading company which trades since it’s establishment in 1984 with more than 10.000 different types of consumer products.
Our product groups include household items, electrical appliances, electronica, tools, gifts, travel articles, decorative articles, TV items, gadgets.
Headquartered in the Netherlands, with a storage capacity of 12,000 Pallets, we are able to deliver directly from our own stock. We offer additionally a “custom made” delivery. Experience it yourself.

Remulax merken

Stockbusters BV

Stockbusters logo

Contact information
Tel: +31 615 382 856
Fax: +31 555 403 902
E-Mail: info@stockbusters.eu

Stockbusters BV is a company that specializes in the sale and purchase of remaining stock, stocklots, store and warehouse stocks, both inside and outside the Netherlands.
We are a solid company, established in Apeldoorn since several years with always 1500 to 2000 pallets lot goods in our warehouse.
We always do what we agree on, quickly and without problems.


Stock and trade


Stock & Trade Wholesale is a wholesaler in consumer goods, business to business goods and materials. Through their extensive network they buy large numbers of stocks. Because of the large scale of the stocks they are able to sell their products against competitive prices.


Tyrex-Trade B.V.

Tyrex Trade logo

Contact information
Tel: +31 251217250
E-Mail: info@tyrex-trade.com

Tyrex-Trade is an organization that is specialized in the import and export of stocklots, surpluses, liquidation, etc. After more than 25 years, we have the knowledge and experience about national and international trade in non-food stocklots. Our customers exist of wholesalers, stores, market traders and web shop traders, nationally and internationally.
Due to the constantly changing offer you can find new products on our website every day. You can also subscribe for our newsletter for all the updates.
You can always visit us and have a look at our products!



Verduin en ZN logo

Contact information
Tel: +31 251 312 375
Fax: +31 251 310 890
E-Mail: groep@verduin.eu

We are a reputable trading company specialized in the sale and purchase of stocklots, surpluses, B-choice articles, bankruptcy, liquidation, etcetera. Our customers include market vendors, retailers, chain stores and trading companies, domestic and foreign.




Contact information
Tel:+31 (0)40 78 200 80
E-mail: info@westocklots.com

Westocklots.com is a stock clearance company operating in the Netherlands. We sell all kind of consumer goods such as electronics, fashion, personal care, smartphone and tablet accessories, theme products and gadgets.

Ready for high converting sales in both on- and offline retail channels. We purchase consumer goods from leading European brand holders, manufacturers and distributors in order to supply ou European customers in the (online) retail.


Yucel Trading

Yucel logo

Contact information

Since 1996 Yücel Trading is specialized in the wholesale of stocklots and returned goods. Thanks to a sophisticated sales strategy, we maintain our position as a solid and growth-oriented company.


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