Join the Eurotrade Auction for free!

by Jelmar de Vries in Eindhoven


The Eurotrade Auction – Bid and Win!

Are you planning to visit the Eurotrade Fair on the 8th and 9th of February in Eindhoven? Then you are lucky! The very first edition of the Eurotrade Auction will take place at the 2nd day of the trade fair and you can join the auction for free!

  • The one and only stocklots auctionauction1
  • Professional auction system
  • The auction takes place at the catering area at 2 PM
  • Get your registration form at the entrance of the fair
  • Buy directly from Europe’s largest stocklot wholesalers

Double your chances!

Visit Europe’s largest stocklot wholesalers AND join the Eurotrade Auction! This is all possible on 8 & 9 February during the Eurotrade Fair in Eindhoven , The Netherlands.

9 February, 2nd day of the trade fair at 2 PM

At the catering area

How does it work:
Anyone can sign up as a bidder up to 1 hour before the start of the auction. Registration forms are available at the entrance of the fair

Order your free tickets for Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven on 8 & 9 February 2017 and join the first edition of the Eurotrade Auction!




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Eurotrade Fairs in 2017

by Jelmar de Vries in General

xmassEurotrade Fair 2017 – New year, New opportunities

Not only at home but also at work Christmas can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Like here at the office of Eurotrade Fair!

Team Eurotrade Fair is busy preparing the trade shows for next year. Curious when these shows take place? With pleasure we present to you the dates for next year:

Year 2017:

  • 8 & 9 February 2017 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven
  • 14 & 15 June 2017 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven
  • 6 & 7 September 2017 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven
  • 7 & 8 November 2017 – Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven

You can already order your free ticket for the Eurotrade Fair on 8 & 9 February 2017 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands:



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UK is about to hit a Christmas spending record in 2016!

by Jelmar de Vries in General

UK is about to hit a Christmas spending record in 2016!


Christmas is getting closer! All year long, retailers, retail organizations, web-shops and supermarket chains have prepared themselves for, among others, Christmas! Meanwhile, stores and web-shops are filled with Christmas products! Gifts, food & drinks, decoration items and much more.

There are several ways to expand your product range. One way is by visiting trade shows for import goods and promotional articles (stocklots). Here you will find large stocks of consumer goods available for immediate sale at rock-bottom prices!
All kinds of buyers make their move at such fairs to expand their product range. An example of such a trade fair is the Eurotrade Fair. Eurotrade Fair is a unique platform that brings together Europe’s largest and leading stocklot wholesalers.

Christmas in Europe

Across Europe, consumers spend a lot of money on food & drink, decorations & gifts in the period before Christmas.
The UK outnumbers every other European country with their high average of Christmas spendings.

Over €92bn in 2016

Brexit or no Brexit, Christmas will always be a peak holiday for spending and this year is no different. UK is about to hit a Christmas spending record of more than €92bn in 2016.
It is expected for 2016 that their Christmas spending will be around €952,55 per household. This will go towards food and drink, travel, decorations and gifts. Half of the budget will be spent on gifts!

(Real business (2016). UK Christmas spending to hit record £77.56bn in 2016,

Although UK Christmas spending will only be up 1.9 per cent year-on-year, UK households are set to spend almost double the European average. Comparatively across Europe, the average spend will be €634,80 in 2016.


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Eurotrade Fair and sustainability

by Jelmar de Vries in General


The world is changing
The world is changing and the consumers’ awareness about sustainability continues to grow. Sustainability
is not just important for people and the planet, but nowadays it is also vital for business success. It is of
great importance for companies to respond to this.

Everyone contributes in its own way to a cleaner environment and a better social wellbeing. Companies
contribute by taking responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing:
‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

Eurotrade sustainability

Also we have our own way of contributing to sustainability.

Products that have been written off by producers or importers for various reasons, are getting a second life
thanks to our trade fairs. Such products are called: Stocklots. Our fairs are unique because the focus is
on stocklots only!

Products offered on the Eurotrade Fair consist of stocklots, overstock, bankruptcy goods, branded goods
and bulk goods.

4      1      3     6

Eurotrade Fair attracts major buyers from the following sectors:
Retail organizations, DIY stores, Warehouses, Furniture stores, Discounters, Supermarket chains, Webshops,
Individual sales points, Garden centers, Pharmacies, And more…

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Boost in sales during big events!

by Jelmar de Vries in General

Header news

In the UK, supermarkets have seen the first growth in sales in almost a year, according to the latest Nielsen report.

The big sport event ‘Euro 2016’ contributed to a 6.2-per-cent year-on-year increase in the sales of alcohol (including beer and wine) over the four-week period ending 18 June 2016. There was also an increase (4.2 per cent) in the sales of crisps and snacks. This is also attributed to Euro 2016.
(European Supermarket Magazine (2016). Nielsen Report Shows Significant Boos in UK Supermarket Sales During Euro 2016,

In most of the European countries, Euro 2016 has contributed to an increase of the consumer goods like alcohol, chips and snacks. Particularly in countries participating in the Euro 2016.

Big (sport) events have a relatively large impact on the sales of (mainly) supermarkets. But also companies that sell, for example merchandise, toys, sport equipment, etc. feel the impact in their sales.
Because of these large impacts, it is important for entrepreneurs/companies to respond on events like this. If the event is relevant to them, they can prepare their assortment for such events and take advantage of it!

This certainly applies to the Olympic Games which begin on the 5th of August. A big event that is known worldwide! Are you and your assortment ready for the Olympic Games?

Just as entrepreneurs/companies adapt their assortments to big events as Euro 2016 and the Olympic Games, they also adapt their assortment to the different seasons of the year. An assortment that fits in well with a season, often meets the needs of the customer.
The advantage of the seasons is that they come back every year at the same time. A good preparation is required and in this case is certainly possible.

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Continue to innovate and improve!

by Jelmar de Vries in General


innovation !

One of the things Eurotrade Fair pursues is: quality. Therefore, it is of great importance that we continue to develop and innovate!
New marketing campaigns, new website, an ice cream cart during a fair, etc.

21They all contribute to the increase in the quality and the experience of the fair. We, team Eurotrade, are constantly improving our fairs and coming up with new ideas.

Last Wednesday we had a meeting, which was all about innovation and improvement. This has resulted in lots of new, great and innovative ideas!

Do you have a great idea or any suggestions? Let us know!
Send them to:

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Brexit doesn’t mean exit!

by Jelmar de Vries in General

Brexit doesn’t mean exit!

Last week a referendum was held to decide whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union. The people of the United Kingdom, more than 30 million, have voted on this matter.


People who voted for Brexit won by 52% to 48%. UK will leave the European Union but, Brexit means no exit for Eurotrade Fair. Eurotrade Fair will certainly not leave the UK!

Eurotrade Fair is very internationally oriented and is always seeking new markets, opportunities and challenges to expand its network. Concrete plans now exist to expand to more locations in Europe.

One thing is certain, the UK remains part of the EUrotrade Fairs!

Eurotrade Fair Manchester – 26 & 27 October

Stocklots trade fair ManchesterMark your calendar! Because Eurotrade Fair will be back in Manchester on the 26th and 27th of October 2016!

What to expect

Europe’s biggest and leading stocklots wholesalers
Extensive, varied and constantly changing stocklots
The stock on offer is available for direct sale at rock-bottom prices
An ideal opportunity for expanding your network
Branded goods

2 kopie
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Eurotrade Fair Eindhoven – SPECIAL EDITION

by Jelmar de Vries in Eindhoven

overviewEurotrade Fair Eindhoven – 8 & 9 June – Special Edition

In June, the 30th edition of Eurotrade Fair will take place! Eurotrade Fair distinguishes itself from other fairs due to its focus on stocklots. No fair will be the same and the offer of products will be different every time. Expand your assortment, experience the open character, friendly and personal atmosphere of the fair and connect with new suppliers and purchasers!

In June, we also exist 5 years!! We would love to celebrate our fifth anniversary together with you during the trade fair!

Do not miss this perfect buying opportunity and experience the celebration of our fifth anniversary!

Order your free tickets now:

Order now

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Postenland has openend a Cash & Carry

by Jelmar de Vries in General

Entrance Cash & Carry

A few weeks ago Postenland has opened a brand new Cash and Carry in Lübeck, Germany.

A Cash and Carry is a form of trade in which goods are sold from a wholesale warehouse. Customers (retailers, professional users, caterers, etc) settle the invoice on the spot in cash, and carry the goods away themselves.

Visit Postenland Cash & Carry:
Grapengießerstr. 20
23556 Lübeck


Cash & Carry 2Cash and Carry

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V&D bankruptcy goods at

by Jelmar de Vries in General

Untitled design (48)
Private sale at

One of Dutch’s largest and oldest retail chains, V&D, went bankrupt this year. A great loss to the Dutch consumer market. has taken over a large part of V&D’s children’s clothing.

Everyone is welcome on 28, 29 and 30 April to Apolloweg 2 in Leeuwarden. Here you can take advantage of a wide range of cheap designer clothes for children!

In addition to children’s clothing, you will also find lots of toys for rock-bottom prices!

Go to the following website for more information:

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-28 om 11.26.08

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